The One Song One Month Challenge (And Gear Giveaway)

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Looking to kick 2016 off with a musical bang? I’ve got just the thing for you – guaranteed to help you be productive in your home studio, even if time is in short supply.

Today I’m announcing the One Song One Month Challenge – a simple but powerful 30 day plan to help you and I make more music this year than we did last year.

Plus I’ve got tons of free gear to giveaway during the process. Watch the video for all the juicy details. Oh – and Happy New Year!

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As I mentioned in the video – if you want to be entered to win any of the amazing prizes coming this month you must be on my email list.

Click here to join now and you’ll instantly get a copy of my eBook The #1 Rule Of Home Recording PLUS my popular video series The Smart Start To Mixing. All Free!

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143 Responses to “The One Song One Month Challenge (And Gear Giveaway)”

  1. Yair Bashan

    Oh my!
    This is so awesome!!!
    Can’t wait for this thing to start!
    The fun part is that even if you won’t win any gear this month, you’ll still have a finished song! And the motivation to release tons of new ones!!
    Thank you so so much Graham for all you do!
    Here’s to making more music this year!
    Happy new year πŸ™‚

    • Nick Minnican

      Great challenge. Already got some ideas, but it has given me the motivation to actually finish a song!

    • Amy

      Great idea for everyone to participate. Always interested in seeing you record a full song..I hope it will be an instrumental piece. It is very difficult in the music world, learning new and different ways to excel with composing and recording is needed. Thank you for your continued help and dedication.

    • Akiyki Ode

      I was thinking exactly this!!! It’s amazing!!! The oportunity to grown on some direction and at same time get opportunity to win this amazing prize!

  2. Lonnie

    Awesome challenge. I will definitely be participating with you, but very much looking forward to your videos. I always learn a lot.

    One question – are covers cool? I haven’t written a song, solo, in 15 years. πŸ™‚ And I had just decided that I am going to work up a cover of Bad Company’s “Seagull” (inspired more by the Joe Bonamassa version, actually) completely solo.

    Does that count, or should I put on my big boy britches and try writing a song, too?

  3. Rob Loomis

    Right on Graham. Looking forward. Picked up the Studio 192 last month. A killer unit for sure. Whoever wins that will be in for a treat! Blessings bro.

  4. Larry Green

    I do a 9 song (30min, 15 min each side) album every year and have for the last 8 years. Hopefully each year gets better. I’m already 3 songs into my 2016 release. Can I still qualify for your contest?

  5. Jules

    What a great start to 2016 with some serendipity. A new Chapter of Nashville Songwriters Association International has been approved for my town and the first meeting is this coming Tues., Jan 5. Your challenge will dovetail very nicely.

    But for now it’s the chicken or the egg conundrum. Where will the inspiration come from? The music or the lyric?

  6. Gino

    Hi Graham!

    Thank you for doing this, it really helps a lot to have a motivation for writing a song.
    You have helped me a lot, so I wanted to thank you. Here in my country, Costa Rica, there aren’t any good audio engineering schools, and having you teaching has been a 180 degree change.

    My question is: Can i still apply for the giveaway if I live outside USA?

    Thank you for your time!

  7. Rand

    Happy New Year Graham! Love your site. It has really been helpful, lots of great info. Let’s get writing! Rand

  8. Liquid Solids

    Sounds like fun! I’ve been stuck on a couple of songs for a while, so I’ll try a little “creativity switch” and see if I can’t crank out a new tune by January 31st. Great idea – thanks! Best of luck to everybody on TRR and happy new year!

  9. Carlo

    I’m in! Haven’t made music for a while now, and I think this is a cool opportunity to start again.

    Happy new year everybody!

  10. Stefan

    This challenge is ideal for me. Thank you very much!!!
    I wish you and your family a healthy, happy and successful New Year!
    Best, Stefan

  11. Joshua Hall


    I have been doing this exact challenge for the past 11 months. I just released my 11th single minutes ago.
    I start with nothing and at the end of the month I release whatever I have made up – Sometimes it’s a Punk song about Zombies, other times it’s a fluffy little number about a Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty. The biggest obstacle is That Sinister little voice in your head that says “That lyric is stupid, that chord progression is cheesy, that snare sound is horrible, you’re not good enough to mix this, you shouldn’t even be allowed to stand in front of a mic, no one is going to like this music, you suck…..” There are all kinds of excuses for not finishing, but that voice will be the hardest to banish, so start there and get to work.

    At the end of the day, all I do is write my heart, mix with my ears, and trust my gut. I see no reason stop. Looking forward to hearing how this challenge works for everyone.


  12. Cel

    Cool! Gonna join the challenge though my business schedule is full. Greetings and a happy new year from Austria

  13. tom black

    Cool..! I’d love to participate just to have the opportunity to have you listen to on of my tunes Graham. It would be really exciting and educational watching your workflow too. Awesome.

  14. tom black

    Cool..! I’d love to participate just to have the opportunity to have you listen to one of my tunes Graham. It would be really exciting and educational watching your workflow too. Awesome.

  15. David Komel

    Great challenge Brother! Let’s give ‘er a whirl. One song a month….
    Lots of ideas in the can; great impetus to start to finish them. Lets go…

  16. Josh Stanford

    This is so awesome Graham! I’ve been watching your videos everyday at work when I’m on break for about two years now? Always find your tips and advice very useful and inspiring. Can’t wait to submit my song! Happy new year buddy!

  17. Michael Jensen

    This is such an epic idea. Even if I dont win, I’ll end up releasing a song this month. Graham you are a true visionary.

    I am so down. I’ll start writing after midnight to keep it honest.

  18. Joseph Lim

    I have been pushing finishing up my songs for too long. I’m going to follow the challenge this time around. Sounds like it will be fun πŸ˜€

  19. Ben C

    Great concept. I’m going to try it – I move states in the middle of this month, so all my gear has already gone, but I can write the lyrics, I can use garage band on my iPad to work out chords and song structure, and hopefully, in the midst of unpacking and starting a new job, I can record as well. If not, as you say, there’s always next month.

    Let’s go for a sweet 16!

  20. James O

    I’m all in. Guys you really have two months to get your songs together. January’s mine :). A little friendly competition. Much success to everyone. Thx Graham for always thinking out of the box and including us.

  21. Mike PeΓ±a

    Yes! This lines up perfectly w/ one of my goal 2016, to record and mix a song a month. Count me in!!
    The chance to win some gear is just the whip cream on the pie.
    Thanks Graham.

  22. Jon Gorrell

    Great Idea! In fact, after a six year hiatus from writing any significant music I did this exact thing starting in 2014. I determined I could easily write, record and mix a “song per month” by just sticking to the promise to myself to do so. End result: I put out 27 songs over the last 2 years and am quite pleased with my work. Now, I don’t work in the conventional sense any more so one could say “Sure. You had all the time.” A typical song takes me about 6-10 hours from conception to final mix … and, I am a solo artist. I play the drums, the bass, the piano, all guitars and perform all vocals in this process. As a side note, I remember about 10 years ago I came home from my 9-5 job, on a Friday night, with two great song ideas and penned them, performed them, recorded and mixed them all on that one Friday night. So, yes, it can be done but keeping that target deadline is absolutely essential.

  23. Kate Andrews

    Looks like you have your work cut out for you!
    Lots of people inspired.

    Thanks so much for the encouragement!
    Looking forward to writing new songs.

  24. Beth

    Awesome idea!! Can’t wait to get into it. Such a great way of breaking down a huge task into manageable parts. Thanks so much for the amazing advice throughout all the videos & emails πŸ™‚ It’s been such an encouragement and has helped so much. What a great way to start 2016!!!

  25. Dom

    Sometimes you need that motivation from an outside voice that understands the struggle to complete music when life throws you curveballs. This came at the right time, I’m going to commit to this challenge. -Dom

  26. Sergey Alexeyev

    Hello there!
    Awesome news from Graham, we’ll definitely get another cool song by the end of the month.
    But I have a question. I’m from Russia and want to participate in this challenge. Will PreSonus giveaway be as always for US residents only or we all from over the world have a chance to win such a nice gear?
    Happy New Year!

  27. Cash

    Happy New Year Graham! I get overwhelmed all the time, this may be just what I need to get on track. I’m in!!!

  28. Pete Merenco

    Hi Graham,

    First of all, a wonderfull, happy and healthy New Year!

    Great challenge, just by participating, it will be a big leap forward in my development.


  29. Oscar Manuel RodrΓ­guez

    Let’s kick it, Blessings people. And thank you graham for this chance.

  30. Steven Miranda

    I like to raise my glass to you Graham, You are such an inspiration and always look forward to checking the tons of information you so generously share with us all. I send best wishes to you and your family sir for a healthy, safe and prosperous 2016. Happy New Year,

  31. Erik

    Hi Graham,
    This is so cool! A geat way to start the NewYear! XD
    I already have a plan for an ep. Now I don’t write, so I will be using and arranging existing songs and I’ll try to folllow you along.
    Happy New Year to y’all!
    The Netherlands.

  32. Matt

    Great idea!! I’m in!! I was thinking about my goals for 2016 when I received your newsletter, it’s like a perfect timing πŸ™‚ 12 songs at the end of the year sounds amazing!

  33. Danny

    12 new songs is too big a challenge. But i’ll try to finish 10 recording projects in 2016. My doughters woonwind ensemble, a few covers and maybe 1 or 2 new songs? I look forward to it. Thanks for keeping us motivated and focused, Graham.

  34. Martin

    Great idea dude. I’ve been playing with old stuff for too long now. Time to take what I’ve learned over the last few months and make a new start. Writing my first new song in nearly 3 years. Now where did I put that ReThink Guitar course? πŸ™‚

  35. Adrian

    Graham, you are awesome. Thank you for your kind words, techniques and motivation for free! Can’t say how much you give me confidence! Probably gonna join at least for some selected months πŸ˜› (wrote 5/6 songs in 2015, I want to make more this year). Take care!

  36. Carlos Llorente

    Feliz AΓ±o 2016! Graham,
    and thanks so much for all your time and love you share with us showing a path to work and enjoy the music.
    All the best for you and family in this new year.

  37. Dan

    I’m in! I have extra motivation this year as well.

    I write songs often, but never record them. And when I do, I get so frustrated at mixing them that I usually just give up.

    I’m getting married this year and my fiancee heard me playing a little riff I had written and said “that sounds like something I could walk down the aisle to”. Now I want to continue working the idea into something much more finished and get it recorded and mixed so that it can be played at my wedding!

    So gear or no gear… if I can finally get this song finished, recorded and ready, it’s a win for me!

  38. Jeanmark

    Wow! Just wow! Your are awesome Graham! Super motivated! Let’s do this!!!
    May God keep on blessing you and happy new years!

  39. Manuele

    Graham, thank you a lot!
    I’m new in here, and in a couple of days you unblocked me well!
    I’m totally in for this challenge, (gears or not) it.. challenges our limits and willpower!
    Actually I’ve already succeeded on writing the new song yesterday. I obviously must look again the arrangement, but I’m pretty much happy about it!

    Thank you again, and happy new year from Italy to everyone!

  40. Clint McLain

    I do a song a week create ,record,mix but then publishing or getting copyrights for all those songs is expensive .

  41. Lou

    This is very cool. Great idea, and good on you for motivating people!
    One question, though. How will you know that the song wasn’t written and/or recorded sometime in the past?

  42. Dave Murphy

    I’m committing to this, hopefully to get one song completed at least.
    As a total novice I keep getting caught up between self doubt and just lacking the courage to start… I’m going to hang in there with all you guys if that’s okay and maybe at last get something finished.
    Thanks Graham for the motivation!

  43. Alton Leonard

    Looking forward to recording my new song for this challenge. Hope we get to listen to other peoples’ tunes , too.
    Thanks for being there for us, Graham!

  44. Roy Gerstenberg

    I am a writer… Been writing since I was a young teen, so I am pretty pumped about this idea Graham. As always you are the man, and I love how you look out for us out here in home studio land. Happy New Years Graham.

  45. Dr. Dee G

    This is awesome, great inspiring and motivation. I going to commit to this one. been waiting on a challenge for 2016, this is it. Being a Worship Leader Im even going to add a worship song as well.
    How Great Thou Art. Keep Being the teacher that you are. This is a sweet 16, (2016) accomplishment. Lets have fun.
    Thanks Graham.

  46. John

    Very inspirational idea. Definitely got me off the couch and into the music room today. Thanks!

  47. Varma

    Hi Bro..this would be great news for ppl like me who struggle to make at least one song in lifetime. Hope you will show the exact step from A-Z. In addition, if appreciate if use the basic chords like C,A,F. Thank You

  48. Rick Gottlieb

    I’m there! That’s me!

    Just updated my DAW, Studio One to version 3 and I’m already starting recording. This one song per month sounds very doable! Am looking forward to it!

  49. Midnight Mike

    You challenge sounds like just the thing, wanting to have an album written and recorded by the end of the year. I am an old hand when it comes to playing, performing and writing; I am a total novice at recording, etc., and I have found your book and your common-sense approach most helpful, and I have a quick question regarding your challenge that I think might be on the mind of some others considering participation: on material that I “publish” on a monthly basis, what are the intellectual property considerations. Things that I have copyrighted in the past have taken six month or more.

  50. Rune

    Sounds great. Hope I can keep my motivation more than 10 days and actually finish some songs this time πŸ™‚

    Happy new year to all!

  51. Mike Miller

    Great challenge Graham …. maybe THIS will help me concentrate more on some of my stuff rather than filling all my time with client projects. Happy New year to you. I have learned SO much from you over the years. I thank you.

    Mike Miller

  52. Charles Gibbs

    Hey Graham,

    Cool Challenge, but what about those out there like myself who don’t have a musical bone in our bodies but are only into mixing and production? I can’t sing or play / read a single musical note?

    Anywho……. best of luck to you all!

    Happy new year.

  53. Logic Pro MIDI Hub

    Really excited to start this πŸ™‚ I really want to stop buying gear and focus on what’s really important: taking action/practicing to get better.

    Thank you Graham for all the help and inspiration, here’s to a great 2016 filled with awesome music making!

  54. raul

    hi graham,
    this is raul from barcelona, already on your mailing list for nearly three years.
    I did a One Week One Song A Year and made 53 videocovers. Sure thing I’m in for this One Song challenge πŸ˜‰
    happy new 2016 to y’all!

  55. Fezzler

    Very cool. My theme and concept is set. My tempo is selected. My basic drum beat is down via EZ Drummer in Studio One. My hook idea is down. Even some lyrics are coming to mind. I’m on my way.

  56. Matt

    This is awesome! Thanks Graham. I love writing music but in the past six years have yet to finish an album…

    I have learned a lot from you so far and am excited about this new challenge!

    Thanks again!

  57. Tryggvasson

    You’re on!
    On a different level, give me some stuff, man, I never win anything :p ! I’m kidding, of course. But seriously, though… πŸ™‚ Have a great year!

  58. Ceri

    Great timing – just had decided to pen a simple blues number to try to develop a workflow that can work for me as some some who has to play all the parts – have been procrastinating about how to start or hung up on getting a ‘perfect’ original song together – i just to get one with something whatever it is to get the process moving …….. looking forward to creating something (both a new creative workflow and a song ) along with everyone here!!

  59. Thomas

    I came across your videos scanning youtube late at night. I feel that your positive motivational coaching approach will work well for me. I spent most of 2015 working and accumulating the studio equipment I felt I needed to be inspired. I am Looking forward to hearing about new ideas and learning new ways to achieve great recording results.


  60. Shane

    This is ideal to me as far as mixing I could find songs online then Mix 1 a month to not only get better, to get back on my grind b/c it’s been a hot minute since I did any Studio stuff. At least I got internship πŸ™‚

  61. Dave

    Hmmm. I have just started writing a Rush style song based on the the attack of the Golden Horde upon the Kievan Rus. It’s got three distinct parts at the moment. Maybe a touch ambitious for a one month? I’m also away for the next week leaving me just two weeks when I get back. Let’s do this!!!!

  62. Terry

    Hi Graham…

    I’m definitely interested in the challenge, and joined the email list recently (got the e-book and videos you offered, too). One question, can I use songs I’ve already written but just haven’t had time to sit down and record? Let me know. Thanks!

  63. Engineer101

    Hi Graham! You are very obviously taking this to the next level now! Your level of commitment and passion is going to transform us all into greater producers and engineers. You are cool man, I appreciate what you are doing!!!!

  64. Creg Effs

    Great challenge Graham! I already have an idea for my song for this month! I can’t wait to share the finished song with you.

  65. Matt Naylor

    I have been writing music here in Hattiesburg,MS for years and I decided this year to step up and become an engineer. I also decided to step out as an artist. So I’m going to do the challenge. I’m excited. Reading the eBook and going thru the Video series now. Not to mention I bought the Presonus $300 home studio and I love studio artist one 3.
    Question: How do we submit the music? Send it to your email?

  66. Khaliq Glover

    My friend Graham Cochrane is holding what I think is a great thing that all musicians, producers, and engineers should do to start the year.

    This is a great productivity boosting challenge to create one song per month. This breaks the process down into bite-sized chunks so you can make progress. PLUS, you can get a chance to win some free gear.

    Get on his email list to start receiving the info. The year is already one week old. Take action.

    Grammy Winning Engineer/Author/Producer
    Khaliq Glover aka Khaliq-O-Vision

  67. Terri HarpLady

    One of my goals for 2016 is to learn how to record myself, so count me in! I have a lot to learn, but I already have a song, so that’s a start. Thanks Graham! Here’s to all of us making some awesome music πŸ™‚

  68. Kaitav

    Hi Graham,

    Wish you and your family a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2016!

    Looking forward to this series. πŸ™‚

  69. Martin

    A third of the way through the month and my song has run into a brick wall. I’ve realized that my great little zydeco tune is trickier to play than I’d thought it would be. Not as much crossover with Celtic folk techniques as I’d hoped. OK, more practice required for progress on that one.
    But the clock is ticking, so to the sound of pedals going backwards, for inspiration I dug out my abandoned lyrics folder and found a 5 year old lyric idea that had 1 & 1/2 verses written and was probably the most complete thing in there.
    It was a set of lyrics I wrote when I was in a much darker place than I am now so I wasn’t sure at first. So as an experiment I worked on the vocal melody first then went to the piano rather than guitar for accompaniment. Completely different way to the way I normally write and it seems to be working. So out of the ashes a phoenix rises. (Hopefully)
    I does mean however I’m back at stage 2…………..

  70. Chris Willson

    Hey, Graham,

    thanks for all the great videos over the years. I’ve been working away at this challenge, but got a bit behind on the videos. Still working on building my arrangement. I wasn’t clear on how to apply for the prizes. Are we supposed to be submitting our work on a regular basis? If so, how?

    Chris Willson

      • Thomas Sokolich

        I wonder when that will be released it would be really nice if there were better indications on when it was be judged and how we upload it.. like. It’s a big deal to a lot of us.

  71. Graham

    Hey everyone – just make sure you are on my mailing list to find out how to submit your song.

    • Brandon Keane


      I am on the mailing list but did not receive any info on submissions. Please explain.




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