The Challenge Comes To An End

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Today marks the official end of our One Song One Month Challenge here at the Recording Revolution. It’s been a busy and productive month of January, one that I definitely will remember. If you’ve been following things the past 4 or 5 weeks then you know that I was putting out videos weekly to walk you through recording a whole song start to finish.

TRR10 The Challenge Comes to an End

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If you’re new here or just want to do the challenge again on your own, I’ve put the links to all 5 weeks below so you can do your own challenge. I figured if you can finish a song in a month, then you can do a lot in one year. And that’s ultimately what I want for you guys is to be more productive in your home studio and to have fun. Let’s spend less time lusting after gear and more time creating killer recordings!

Week 1 – Creating your session, setting tempo, initial recording.

Week 2 – Using loops and drum machines to fill out the session.

Week 3 – Using virtual instruments to enhance your arrangement.

Week 4 – Comping vocals and overall cleanup.

Week 5 – Basic mixing tips and technique.

And just for fun, I’ve included my song for the challenge. You’ve heard bits and pieces during the videos, but here is what came of it all. I hope you enjoy and I also hope to hear from you about how your challenge went this past month!

A Song For Chloe

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TRR10 The Challenge Comes to an End

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23 Responses to “The Challenge Comes To An End”

  1. Paul

    Ive been lurking the past few weeks, great set of teaching videos, thanks for putting this up. This is a good song, loved seeing how it was built.
    Ive been recording with Audacity mostly, but you inspired me to get a midi keyboard, and Im trying to get Ableton working (latency sucks). I may try with Cubase as well to see if thats any better.

    I will be taking the challenge to get one done in February.

  2. Graham

    Paul – Thanks for the post man! Glad the videos are helping you and glad to see you’ll be taking the challenge this month! Let me know how it goes!

  3. wes

    Graham, that song was great man! It’s crazy to see how it came together like that outta the home studio. Beautiful lyrics btw…

  4. Toby

    Graham – I found your blog from Joe Gilder’s site. I started following along on your one-month challenge and am working on my own recording. Beautiful song. Very tasty use of electronica with a primarily acoustic recording. Well done!

  5. Graham

    Toby – Thanks so much. Glad you’re working on your own song. I’d love to hear how it goes for you as you finish it up!

  6. Aaron

    Hey Graham, I just wanted to thank you for the kind words and inspiration to get the creative juices flowing again. I will be forever grateful!

    I will keep you posted on the upcoming recordings.

  7. Graham

    Aaron – So encouraged to see you take this challenge on full force! Keep up the great work and definitely keep us posted on your new music!

  8. Humberto

    hey..i really liked the song. Is there any place where we can download it?



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