The #1 Rule Of Music Production [Video]

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Today I’m wrapping up a three part video series on what I call The #1 Rule Of Home Recording. It’s all about limiting your options in the home studio so you can actually churn out better sounding tracks in less time. We’ve already looked at the power of limitations and specifically how it applies to purchasing gear for your studio. Today let’s talk about how to apply it to music production: namely recording, editing, and mixing.


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12 Responses to “The #1 Rule Of Music Production [Video]”

    • Jeff -S4S band

      Gram thank you for all the good info it is so cool that you take the time out of your life to help us all be come better.I play in a original Rock band and all so do the recording for the band? To get the drum & bass mix I use my Br 1600 portable mixer it only has 8 inputs so what I do record 7 for the drums and one for the bass I use a rolls 4 input head pre so evert one gets there own volume .Then we play the song to every one on track and just recoding DR and Bass then dump those 2 tracks in to my DAW.Then I play my guitar parts and sing the vocal that way I no bleed over from the vocal or guitar mics ant it works really well for us that’s again Jeff

  1. Rod

    Yes indeed..mindset tops the priority list in so many fields and endeavors. I’ve always thought it was interesting how when you hear a top athlete interviewed, they’ll talk about practice and training, but inevitably the talk comes down to what their head-space has to be to excel or win…how it was the mental discipline that was the main factor in winning a marathon, etc.

  2. Greg Miller

    Great video as always, Graham… one quick (and completely unrelated) question. Where did you get your studio desk from? I’ve been looking online for some but none really look too appealing to me, and the one’s that do cost a lot of money… I would just build my own but I’m not exactly handy when it comes to stuff like that lol. Thanks for your time!


    I don’t entirely agree with what you’re saying, in general; but when I consider the target audience, I think you’re spot on.

  4. JazzyPidjay

    Hi Graham,

    After seeing this video, i kicked my ass and decided to finish four mixs on which i was struggling since ONE YEAR… trying things, erasing everything and so on without end. Depressing…

    Today i put my phone alarm. 1 hour for each song. And guess what !? i did it, and even more… i’m happy with the result better than ever before.

    What a surprise !! Considering that i didn’t technically learn anything new before starting this 1hour/song mixing session. But the result show me clearly that my knowledge was good enough to did a good mix, but i wasn’t able to do before !

    Lesson learned ! thank you very much

  5. Jonathan

    Nice vid, the mindset thing is true. So many people put so much emphasis on technique and gear but how can you produce if your head isn’t in the right space.


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