Natural Vocal Breath Editing [Video]

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To edit out breaths or not to edit out breaths, that is the question. Actually, the way I prefer to work is a hybrid approach. By trimming and ramping up certain breaths while leaving in other breaths entirely I get a controlled, yet natural vocal performance that holds up well even under heavy compression.

3 Questions I Always Ask When Using EQ

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We all know that EQ is a critical part of the mixing process. But how do you know what you’re supposed to do with it? What frequencies should you be cutting or boosting? Where do you start? Are their good rules of thumb to follow? These are all questions I get on a weekly basis… Read more »

Vocal Recording: Back Up From The Mic For Better Vocals

| Tips

Recording vocals seems easy at first. Just put a mic in front of your face and hit the “record” button, right?! If that’s the case, then why is it that everyone and their mother is asking about how to get better vocal recordings? Vocal recording and production is a huge topic mostly because vocals are… Read more »

6 Common Mixing Mistakes [Part 2]

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The more mistakes you stop making, the better your mixes will be. Plain and simple. And we all make mistakes, it’s how you learn. In this series of posts I want to help you eliminate six of the most common mistakes I see young engineers making (and that I’ve made myself) in order for your… Read more »