The Danger Of Mixing In Isolation

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If you fire up your tracks, pull up the faders, and start mixing without a reference track – you’re mixing blind. In fact it’s somewhat arrogant to think you (and I) truly know what a good mix sounds like in isolation. Instead we should reach for not just one, but two or more reference tracks… Read more »

The Power Of Matching The Perfect Vocal Mic With Your Singer

| Tips

Doing what I do, I hear this question a lot: “What is the best vocal mic for the home studio?” Unfortunately it’s a really bad question. Here’s a better one: “What is best vocal mic for my voice/singer?” This is at least a step in the right direction, although I can’t answer it for you. Here’s… Read more »

The Key To Mixing In The Box [Video]

| Mixing, Pro Tools, Tips, Video

Do you struggle to get good mixes in the box? There are many reasons why this could be, especially if you’re coming from the analog world (or have grown up learning from engineers who mixed on a console). But there is one key issue when it comes to mixing (and summing) in the digital domain… Read more »

The Day I Lost My Mixing Mojo (And How I Got It Back)

| Mixing, Plugins, Rant, Tips

Last week I mixed the same song 6 different times. No, it wasn’t some challenge or experiment. At least not an intentional one. Rather it was the result of me losing something: my mixing mojo. The problem grew exponentially when I started doing really dumb stuff. Read on.   Via jseliger2 Flickr Where I First Went Wrong… Read more »