Why Investing In Hardware Is A Good Idea

| Mixing, Plugins, Tips

Recording and mixing has become increasingly a software driven world. With mixing consoles and tape replaced by DAWs, outboard gear replaced by plugins, and records replaced by MP3s, everything seems to scream “software is king.” ┬áBut with all the investment I have made in software over the years, it seems to me I have gotten… Read more »

You Don’t Deserve That Piece Of Gear

| Tips

Thinking about buying some new stuff for your studio? I’ve got news for you: you probably don’t deserve it. Sound harsh? Well, maybe I’m being a bit sarcastic today, but I actually do have a helpful point to make. More often than not, we lust after a piece of gear (hardware or software) thinking it… Read more »

You Don’t Have To Upgrade

| Pro Tools, Tips

Did you know that just because a new version of your DAW comes out, you don’t have to upgrade? What a crazy thought! In fact, you can continue to use your perfectly good version of software to make great music all day long. No upgrade needed. That being said, a couple of weeks ago, two… Read more »