Which DAW Is Right For Your Home Studio? [Video]

| Pro Tools, Rant, Tips, Video

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned vet, with so many capable DAWs to choose from your head can spin constantly wondering which piece of software is right for you. Today I want give you some wisdom as you approach the purchase of or potential switch to a new DAW in hopes that it will bring… Read more »

Mastering With Stock Plugins: EQ [Video]

| Audio Example, Mastering, Plugins, Tips, Video

Confused about the mastering process? Wonder what plugins you really need to start mastering your mixes to perfection? Have no fear. Today I’m introducing one of three simple videos on how to master your tracks in any DAW with stock plugins. We’ll cover the big three in mastering: EQ, compression, and limiting. Today I want… Read more »