What’s The Point Of EQ In Your Mix?

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We all know we’re “supposed” to use EQ when mixing. We see the big boys using it in magazines, videos, etc. They come stock with our DAWs. They come built into our live consoles. Clearly EQ is a normal tool for the mixing engineer. But why? What’s the point and how should we be using… Read more »

The Art Of Top Down Mixing

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Today I want to share a helpful strategy to getting better sounding mixes with fewer plugins. Why is fewer plugins a good thing? For one you can save CPU power if you mixing on a native system (which many of us are). Secondly, I’m of the belief that the less processing you do to the… Read more »

Why You Should Be Mixing With A Timer

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One problem plaguing home studio mixers these days is a giant lack of focus. We pull up faders, tweak knobs, drop in plugins, fiddle with automation, and then repeat this crazy process for hours. In the end we wind up with a mix. Maybe a good one, maybe not so good. I believe that the… Read more »

The Simple Secret To Mixing [Video]

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Did you know that mixing can be summed up in just one word? It’s true. Mixing isn’t about plugins, converters, or studio monitors. It isn’t about acoustically treated rooms or golden ears. All of those things play a part (potentially) in getting a good mix, but to focus on them when mixing is to miss… Read more »

Why What A Plugin Looks Like Matters

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Today I want to make the case that what your plugins look like in your DAW is critical to your track’s success. Now, let’s be clear up front. What the graphical user interface (GUI) of a piece of software looks like has no actual affect on the sonics of your music, technically speaking. However, so… Read more »