Conquering EQ (To Wield It With Confidence)

| Mixing, Plugins, Tips

Why is it that so many home studio mixes sound overly harsh and out of balance when the pro mixes we love and admire sound natural, warm, and clear? What is the difference maker? Is it expensive plugins? Better acoustic treatment? A console? The difference, in my opinion, is how they use EQ. I cannot… Read more »

The Freedom To Not Upgrade

| Plugins, Rant, Tips

I hate feeling like I’m not in control. This is definitely true when it comes to gear upgrades. We’ve all been there: we excitedly bought a new piece of software, maybe your DAW, and a few months later a newer version is released. It has more power, better features, and a slick new design. Dang…. Read more »

Go For The Big Wins In Recording (Or It’s Not About The Gear)

| Tips

There are so many elements to making a great recording. But most of them are a big waste of your time. Seriously, you could spend hours swapping out microphones, preamps, EQ settings, and even tweaking things like the sample rate in your DAW and maybe see some slight improvement (more like slight “change” if we’re… Read more »