Your Very Own Custom Plugin Presets

| Mixing, Plugins, Tips

What do we do when we buy a brand new plugin for our DAW? We throw it on a track and start flipping through presets. Why? It’s simple: we trust the plugin manufacturer to know the product well enough to have created some great starting points for our tracks. And truly, presets are a great way to… Read more »

The Beginner’s Guide To Mixing [Part 1]

| Mixing, Plugins, Tips

Today I want to start a short multi-part series on mixing basics. It’s called The Beginner’s Guide To Mixing, but really it is the same guide (or path let’s say) for the advanced mixer. Every good mixer needs to keep these things in mind as they begin their work. So I see this guide as… Read more »

Are You Using All Those Plugins?

| Mixing, Plugins, Pro Tools, Tips

Let me ask you a question: how many plugins do you have installed on your computer? I’m talking EQs, compressors, reverbs, etc. How many? If you’re like me you start out with a ton of stock plugins in your DAW. I think the current version of Pro Tools ships with over 70 plugins standard. Add… Read more »

Should You Mix While You Record?

| Mixing, Plugins, Reader Question, Tips

These days, everything in the studio seems to blend together. From recording, to mixing, to arranging, to songwriting. Some people are even trying to master while they mix. It can get confusing and convoluted. So the question for today will be: is it OK to mix while you record? And if so what does that… Read more »