The Prioritizing Track Principle In Mixing [Video]

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There is a simple mixing principle that has helped me get clarity and focus in my mixes more than almost anything else I can think of. It’s laughably easy to implement, but it works like a charm. I learned this years ago from the great Kevin Ward and have never looked back. And if you have 3 minutes… Read more »

Get More Width And Separation The Backwards Way

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One way many home studio mixers shoot themselves in the foot is the overuse of stereo tracks in their mixes. From stereo pianos, stereo drum loops, stereo guitars, to stereo synth pads, there’s simply too much stereo happening. In fact, with so many stereo tracks, their final mix ends up (ironically) lacking a lot of… Read more »

3 Mixing Techniques To Be Thankful For

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in the US and it’s a day we gather together to focus on the many blessings in our lives and the things/people we are thankful for. As it relates to the world of audio mixing, there are many things I’m thankful for: affordable gear, great resources online to learn from, and… Read more »

Music Mixing: The Beginner’s Guide To Mixing [Part 2]

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Earlier this week I shared with you the first three critical steps to beginning a mix well in Part 1 of The Beginner’s Guide To Mixing. Today I want to keep things moving with three more important steps. And remember, these steps apply to newbie mixers as well as advanced mixers. So whether you’re brand new… Read more »

Drum Recording Techniques From Focusrite

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As you may well know, there are countless ways to record an acoustic drum kit well. That’s part of the fun and challenge of drum recording. The people at Focusrite put together a video earlier this summer featuring a few different drum mic techniques that I thought might be interesting and helpful to you all…. Read more »