3 Simple Strategies For Mixing On Headphones

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Do you find yourself having to mix exclusively on headphones? Are your mixes coming out all wacky? I think I can help. In an ideal world, you would mix primarily on a simple set of studio monitors and then simply check that mix on headphones. But sometimes headphones is all you have to work with…. Read more »

The Best $99 You Could Spend To Instantly Get Better Mixes

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[EDIT – Looks like model listed below is discontinued. Ebay might be your best bet – or this similar model] Many of us have been brainwashed into thinking you can “buy” your way to a better mix. We find it hard to accept that the surest path to a better mix is getting a better understanding… Read more »

The Late Night Mixing Plan – Part 1

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Today I want to address all of you late night mixers. You know who you are. You work or go to school all day. You have family and friends to take care of. And the only time you can carve out to actually mix your music is late at night. You crawl into your home… Read more »

The Simple Secret To Mixing [Video]

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Did you know that mixing can be summed up in just one word? It’s true. Mixing isn’t about plugins, converters, or studio monitors. It isn’t about acoustically treated rooms or golden ears. All of those things play a part (potentially) in getting a good mix, but to focus on them when mixing is to miss… Read more »

Stop Recording So Hot Into Your DAW

| Recording Month, Tips

If you are recording in a modern home studio comprised of a computer, an audio interface, and software, then one of the simplest things you could do to make your tracks sound better is to stop recording so hot into your DAW. That’s right, many of you are recording signals that are way too loud,… Read more »

3 Mixing Techniques To Be Thankful For

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in the US and it’s a day we gather together to focus on the many blessings in our lives and the things/people we are thankful for. As it relates to the world of audio mixing, there are many things I’m thankful for: affordable gear, great resources online to learn from, and… Read more »

Tune Your Speakers With Reference Tracks

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One of the most helpful things you can do in your home studio is get your speakers setup to their full potential. The first question you have to ask is are your speakers where they belong. There are some simple things you can do to instantly reduce unbalanced reflections and unnecessary bass build up. But… Read more »