The Best Way To Record Your Band In A Home Studio

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Recording a band at home

Recording a band in a home studio is challenging for two main reasons: lack of space and lack of gear. Bedroom studios typically lack enough space to fit an entire band comfortably. Nor do they have the number of microphones, preamps, converter channels, stands and cables needed to capture all those tracks live. But there’s… Read more »

How To Get Great Recordings In Your Bedroom Studio

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Great Recordings In Bedroom

Your bedroom wasn’t designed to be a recording studio. It was designed to be a bedroom! Shocking, I know. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get killer recordings in your not-so-ideal space. In fact I’ve gotten really good at getting great recordings in awful spaces (like my first apartment with paper thin walls/windows next to… Read more »

How To Build A Home Studio For $350

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$350 Home Studio

Want to know how to build a home studio for under $350? This video will cut through hype and give you specific recommendations on what gear you need and why. If you’re starting out and are looking to put together your first recording studio setup in your bedroom, basement, or home office it can be… Read more »

How To Make It In The Music Industry

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2 Secrets To Getting Ahead

Want to get ahead in the music industry as an artist, band, or engineer? Then you must realize that it’s not about how talented you are, or how hard you work, or where you live. There are two fundamental strategies that you must employ immediately and consistently in order to see progress. And because no… Read more »

Electric Guitar Mixing Enhancement Trick

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Guitar Enhancement

Mixing guitars to sound right involves more than just making sure you can “hear” them, you need to “feel” them as well. After you get the EQ and compression settings on your electric guitars, there’s one more move you can make that might help. Today’s mixing trick is a classic tool you can use to… Read more »

EQ Or Compression First When Mixing?

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EQ before compression

One of the most common mixing questions I get is whether to use EQ or compression first. Is it better to process your tracks with EQ followed by compression? Or the other way around? While there are differing opinions on this, in today’s video I explain (and show you) my preference and more importantly WHY… Read more »