The Key To Mixing In The Box [Video]

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Do you struggle to get good mixes in the box? There are many reasons why this could be, especially if you’re coming from the analog world (or have grown up learning from engineers who mixed on a console). But there is one key issue when it comes to mixing (and summing) in the digital domain… Read more »

The Beauty Of Not Knowing What You’re Doing

| Mixing

Do you remember what it was like when you first started recording or mixing? When you had absolutely no idea what you were doing? Well, for some of you that might not be a memory, but a current reality. For some of us though, every article we read, every video tutorial we watch, and ever… Read more »

Do Studio Monitors Even Matter?

| Mastering, Mixing, Reader Question, Tips

The other day I received an email from TRR reader, Sam. He asked if mixing on studio monitors was pointless, seeing as how most people aren’t ever going to listen to your mixes on nice studio monitors, but rather consumer headphones, laptop speakers, care stereos, and mobile phones. Shouldn’t we just mix for the worst… Read more »

What Sample Rate And Bit Depth To Use [Video]

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Do you know what sample rate and bit depth you should be recording at? Does it really matter? What do each of those settings mean and what affect do they have on your audio when recording and mixing? Today’s video will help clear things up for you…

3 Ways To Create More Headroom In Your Mix

| Mixing, Tips

The name of the game with mixes these days is headroom. This is especially true with mixing in the box (i.e. your software). What is headroom and why is it important? The short answer is: the range between your song’s loudest peaks and 0dbfs (or clipping). The benefit of lots of headroom? Sonic clarity and… Read more »

Go Easy On The Mix Buss

| Mixing, Plugins, Tips

Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way. Such is the case with me and mix buss processing. Over the years I’ve been guilty of slapping a plugin on my master fader, cranking some knobs to hear drastic change, and then calling it a day. At first it seems like magic. With one EQ… Read more »

Why I Place EQ Before Compression When Mixing

| Mixing, Plugins, Tips

When it comes to mixing, I find myself placing EQ before compression in my insert slots 99% of the time. And there is a big reason. I think it sounds better that way. But of course I have friends who are fantastic mixers who do just the opposite, with great results. But if you want… Read more »

6 Common Mixing Mistakes [Part 1]

| Mixing, Plugins, Tips

If you’re relatively new to mixing music, chances are good that you are making a ton of mistakes. But is it really all that surprising to say? I don’t think so. Most of us got into home recording as a hobby, with no formal training, and we spend time on sites like this one, trying… Read more »