Get Better Recordings, Save Money, And Build Confidence

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Today I have a simple suggestion for you. One that will help you get the results you want in the studio, put more money in your pocket, and remove some of that insecurity you might be feeling towards recording and mixing. It’s so easy (and liberating) that I’m surprised more people don’t do it. My… Read more »

The Best $99 You Could Spend To Instantly Get Better Mixes

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[EDIT – Looks like model listed below is discontinued. Ebay might be your best bet – or this similar model] Many of us have been brainwashed into thinking you can “buy” your way to a better mix. We find it hard to accept that the surest path to a better mix is getting a better understanding… Read more »

The Day When Music Making Lost Its fun

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Have you had that experience when you are in the middle of a recording or mixing session and you suddenly realize that you aren’t having any fun? I sure have. You think it’s just a minor funk that you’re in, but a few sessions later you still feel the same. You start to wonder: “Has… Read more »

Why What A Plugin Looks Like Matters

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Today I want to make the case that what your plugins look like in your DAW is critical to your track’s success. Now, let’s be clear up front. What the graphical user interface (GUI) of a piece of software looks like has no actual affect on the sonics of your music, technically speaking. However, so… Read more »

There’s No Such Thing As Golden Ears

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I’ve heard it said that there are some people in the world who have some kind of super human hearing. They hear things that the rest of us don’t. They have what are called “golden ears” and unfortunately it’s a natural gift that you and I can’t manufacture. The thought is, these “golden ears” are… Read more »

Why Smart Engineers Wield Microphones With Purpose

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Struggling to get great recordings? It might not be because of your DAW, your preamps, or even your audio interface; but rather your mishandling of microphones. Think about it. The microphone is the most important piece of gear in your studio. Like the painter’s paint brush, the tennis player’s racquet, or wood worker’s saw, the… Read more »

How To Thrive In The Home Studio [Video]

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Today’s video will help you immensely if you watch it with an open mind. I want to share two critical principles that you need in order to thrive in your home or project studio. They have served me well, along with every other great engineer I know. And even better, they will help you in… Read more »

3 Reasons To Invest In Your Studio Slowly

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If you’re like me you want to have your entire studio setup completely from day one. Whether you’re brand new to this, or have been a closet recording guru for years, you might be the type of person who wants your studio up and running with everything you could ever need (and maybe want) from… Read more »