The Key To Mixing In The Box [Video]

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Do you struggle to get good mixes in the box? There are many reasons why this could be, especially if you’re coming from the analog world (or have grown up learning from engineers who mixed on a console). But there is one key issue when it comes to mixing (and summing) in the digital domain… Read more »

Go For The Big Wins In Recording (Or It’s Not About The Gear)

| Tips

There are so many elements to making a great recording. But most of them are a big waste of your time. Seriously, you could spend hours swapping out microphones, preamps, EQ settings, and even tweaking things like the sample rate in your DAW and maybe see some slight improvement (more like slight “change” if we’re… Read more »

I Didn’t Know My Converters Were Bad Until Someone Told Me

| Pro Tools, Rant, Tips

Nothing irritates me more in the audio world than seeing impressionable home studio owners being led down pointless rabbit trails in the name of “getting better recordings.” There is a gospel of “better gear” being preached day and night on popular internet forums and all around the inter-webs that not only doesn’t help get people… Read more »

The Beauty Of Not Knowing What You’re Doing

| Mixing

Do you remember what it was like when you first started recording or mixing? When you had absolutely no idea what you were doing? Well, for some of you that might not be a memory, but a current reality. For some of us though, every article we read, every video tutorial we watch, and ever… Read more »

The Most Important Word In Mixing: Balance

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We all have a tendency to make mixing more complicated than it really is. On the surface (and in many publications, both print and online) mixing seems to be about turning fancy knobs on fancy plugins and using all kinds of secret moves and voodoo gear. In reality, the process of mixing is simple and… Read more »

What Sample Rate And Bit Depth To Use [Video]

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Do you know what sample rate and bit depth you should be recording at? Does it really matter? What do each of those settings mean and what affect do they have on your audio when recording and mixing? Today’s video will help clear things up for you…

3 Ways To Create More Headroom In Your Mix

| Mixing, Tips

The name of the game with mixes these days is headroom. This is especially true with mixing in the box (i.e. your software). What is headroom and why is it important? The short answer is: the range between your song’s loudest peaks and 0dbfs (or clipping). The benefit of lots of headroom? Sonic clarity and… Read more »

The Tim Ferriss Approach To Mixing

| Mixing, Tips

Today I want to share a method of mixing that has been giving me good results in less time. Borrowing from the world of business and time management I’ve been developing some new workflows that I think can really help people in their studios. I call it the Tim Ferris approach to mixing because it’s… Read more »