I have a theory: so many home studio owners aren’t making the kind of music they want because of fear. Specifically people are afraid of failure. Failing as an audio engineer. Fear of never producing the kind of tracks they hear on their favorite records. Fear that they just aren’t good enough.

Why Are You So Afraid?

Does this resonate with you? Are you afraid of failure? Why? Too many people give up on this home studio thing before they are even out of the gate. I get emails every week filled with words of desperation and fear. People tell me they have all the “right” equipment and gear, yet they aren’t getting the results they want. They hope I somehow know the answer.

And you know what? I do! The reason so many of you aren’t getting the results you want is because you are too afraid to keep trying. Your fear is holding you back from the very thing you need in order to improve, experience. The more you work at this, the harder you push into your craft, the more confident you will become and the better your recordings and mixes will be. Guaranteed.
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