Make Money By Giving Your Music Away

| My Music, Tips

I’ve been fascinated in recent years at the ongoing debate about whether or not musicians can still charge for their recordings. There is a lot of data on both sides of the fence and many artists from the bedroom rocker all the way up to major label bands taken a stance. For my most recent… Read more »

Pick An Anchor For Your Songs

| Songwriting Month, Tips

What your next album or EP will sound like is largely influenced by the type of music you love and what has shaped you the most over the years. But that hodgepodge of musical styles and artists doesn’t always bring out a clear sound in your music. One simple way to ensure your next project… Read more »

Who Has Time To Write Songs These Days?

| Songwriting Month, Tips

Anytime I get on a motivational crusade encouraging people to commit to writing new songs and completing an album, there are inevitably a few naysayers. Now some people genuinely loathe happiness and prefer to be critical instead of productive in their studios, but I believe that’s a small minority.   Via R/DV/RS¬†Flickr Time Isn’t Something… Read more »

Forget Inspiration, Songwriting Is Work

| Songwriting Month, Tips

Let me make something really clear today: songwriting isn’t simply a process of inspiration, where you write when creativity strikes. It’s hard, grueling work. If you ever want to record an album with great songs, you can’t sit around waiting for inspiration to hit you in the face; you need to block some time out… Read more »

Why Creativity Trumps Technicality

| Mixing, Tips

When it comes to making a great recording or mix, your creativity will get you further than your technical prowess (or lack thereof). In reality these two pillars on which all great recordings are built (creative taste and technical knowledge) are both critical. But at the end of the day, I see time and time… Read more »

My Latest Home Recorded EP

| Audio Example, My Music

In case you were confused, I like making music in my home studio. There’s an inherent sense of satisfaction that comes from achieving quality recordings in a humble environment. Sure it has it’s challenges, but hey, it’s the future of music and I’m all about this recording revolution we are living in. Gotta Love The… Read more »