I Didn’t Know My Converters Were Bad Until Someone Told Me

| Pro Tools, Rant, Tips

Nothing irritates me more in the audio world than seeing impressionable home studio owners being led down pointless rabbit trails in the name of “getting better recordings.” There is a gospel of “better gear” being preached day and night on popular internet forums and all around the inter-webs that not only doesn’t help get people… Read more »

Pro Tools 11 Review [Video]

| Mixing, Plugins, Pro Tools, Product Review, Video

Pro Tools 11 is a huge update, not because of crazy new features, but rather a major under the hood rewrite. For the first time in maybe 20 years, Avid has built Pro Tools from the ground up with fresh code running as a 64 bit application. The result? A much slimmer, sleeker, and more… Read more »