The Freedom To Not Upgrade

| Plugins, Rant, Tips

I hate feeling like I’m not in control. This is definitely true when it comes to gear upgrades. We’ve all been there: we excitedly bought a new piece of software, maybe your DAW, and a few months later a newer version is released. It has more power, better features, and a slick new design. Dang…. Read more »

Stop Recording So Hot Into Your DAW

| Recording Month, Tips

If you are recording in a modern home studio comprised of a computer, an audio interface, and software, then one of the simplest things you could do to make your tracks sound better is to stop recording so hot into your DAW. That’s right, many of you are recording signals that are way too loud,… Read more »

I Didn’t Know My Converters Were Bad Until Someone Told Me

| Pro Tools, Rant, Tips

Nothing irritates me more in the audio world than seeing impressionable home studio owners being led down pointless rabbit trails in the name of “getting better recordings.” There is a gospel of “better gear” being preached day and night on popular internet forums and all around the inter-webs that not only doesn’t help get people… Read more »

Which DAW Is Right For Your Home Studio? [Video]

| Pro Tools, Rant, Tips, Video

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned vet, with so many capable DAWs to choose from your head can spin constantly wondering which piece of software is right for you. Today I want give you some wisdom as you approach the purchase of or potential switch to a new DAW in hopes that it will bring… Read more »

The Beauty Of Not Knowing What You’re Doing

| Mixing

Do you remember what it was like when you first started recording or mixing? When you had absolutely no idea what you were doing? Well, for some of you that might not be a memory, but a current reality. For some of us though, every article we read, every video tutorial we watch, and ever… Read more »

Why Smart Engineers Wield Microphones With Purpose

| Tips

Struggling to get great recordings? It might not be because of your DAW, your preamps, or even your audio interface; but rather your mishandling of microphones. Think about it. The microphone is the most important piece of gear in your studio. Like the painter’s paint brush, the tennis player’s racquet, or wood worker’s saw, the… Read more »

Get Better Recordings By Going For The Big Wins

| Mixing, Rant, Tips

We all want a better recording. Who doesn’t? But in our pursuit of great recordings we ironically spend way too much money and effort on things that don’t make a huge difference. Some examples would include: more expensive microphones, new audio interface or converters, a DAW upgrade/switch, or even new studio monitors. If you really… Read more »