REthink Mixing

A complete system to getting radio ready mixes with the gear you already have…

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The Jumpstart Series

The JumpStart Series

Understand your plugins, mix like the pros, and get back to having fun…

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REthink Pro Tools

Dominate Pro Tools and unlock its full potential with so you can work faster…

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REthink Drums

Record and produce pro sounding drum tracks with as little as one microphone…

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REthink Guitar

My foolproof way to record and mix electric and acoustic guitars in the home studio…

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REthink Vocals

Turn average sounding vocal recordingsĀ into a polished pro performance…

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The Audio Income Project

Turn 5 hours a week into $500-$1000 a month with a side audio business…

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Dueling Mixes

Two mixing mentors, practice multi-tracks each month, and a supportive community…

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