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My line of in depth video products feature hours of high quality video content that are yours to keep forever. From recording, to editing, to mixing and mastering, it’s all here. So check them out and thank you in advance for your purchase and support of The Recording Revolution!

Dueling Mixes

Dueling Mixes is an online community designed to give you the training, tracks, and tutorials you need to become a better mixer. I’ve partnered with Joe Gilder to create a site where each month you get brand new tracks to download and mix, two custom tutorials on how each of us mixed the song, and a monthly Q&A webinar.

Great tracks to practice on. Two unique views on how to mix a song. Tutorial training. It’s all here. Sign up and start mixing better today!


The Audio Income Project

The Audio Income Project is 6 week online course dedicated to helping you get a profitable recording/mixing side business going. Whether you think you’re good enough to charge or not, or whether you think you are business savvy enough to do this, it doesn’t matter. I teach you how do it all just how I run my freelance business.

From finding clients, to setting your rates, to paying your taxes, it’s all here and you can start anytime. Join the Audio Income Project Today!






Grammy winning producer (and all around hilarious guy) Fab Dupont runs a great audio and training site called PureMix. Fab is one of the only other guys out there who teaches audio in a straight forward, fun, and easy to understand way. I’ve always been a fan of his work and everything the PureMix team is doing.

Just for being a fan of TRR you can sign up for a 3 month subscription to all of his videos for $79 from the Recording Revolution and save $10.  Watch the trailer to the right and if you like what you see click here to grab your subscription!