Mixing With Compression – Parallel Compression (Part 6 of 7)

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How do some people get their drums to hit really hard in the mix and yet still sound natural? The answer is parallel compression.

By taking a copy of your drums (or vocals, guitars, keys) and compressing it aggressively, you can blend it back in with the original track for the perfect sound.

One Concept, Many Uses

This compression concept can revolutionize your songs and once you start you’ll find many applications for it in your mixes.

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4 Responses to “Mixing With Compression – Parallel Compression (Part 6 of 7)”

  1. Rod

    Parallel comp is awesome for sure. Question (may be a different thing in my Cubase) Why not simply duplicate the snare or kick etc., and compress the dupe?

  2. @Hypnosisza

    Hey thanks Graham, I’ve been using a Tdr Nova dynamic eq and it has a bottom called dry mix . Could that bottom be emulating the same idea?


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