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In case you were confused, I like making music in my home studio. There’s an inherent sense of satisfaction that comes from achieving quality recordings in a humble environment. Sure it has it’s challenges, but hey, it’s the future of music and I’m all about this recording revolution we are living in.

Gotta Love The Home Studio

This week my band released our latest original EP, Grace And Truth, and it was a total home grown project. From recording drums in my dining room to using half real guitar amps and half amp modelers, it was a total DIY effort. For more details and discussion on how things went down, be sure to listen to this episode of the Simply Recording Podcast.

In the mean time, here’s a track from the EP for your listening pleasure. If you like what you hear, feel free to download your own copy from iTunes. Just click the image below! Thanks in advance for your support!

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22 Responses to “My Latest Home Recorded EP”

  1. Sad Panda

    Totally awesome, Graham. God bless you guys. I’ll be hitting up iTunes next time I’m at my PC.

  2. Santo

    GREAT work Graham. Thank you for all your advices and also for your music! You’re an example for all of us producing music on our own and with our home equipment! Thanks man!

  3. Armando

    awesome worship song. AWESOME message. God bless Graham. Many blessings to you and your band!!

  4. Matt

    Great job brotha! I downloaded and listened to the whole EP twice yesterday! I love your arrangement of How Deep the Father’s Love, and Isaiah’s Song is my favorite! Keep it up! God bless you and you ministry!

  5. Joe

    Isn’t it funny how God speaks to us? Came into the office Monday to find my Windows Media player randomly playing all the songs on my computer. The song that was playing was Todd Agnews “ Isaiah 6”
    Love that song. As it was playing I went to your web site to see what was new. There it was Isaiah’s Song. I love the song, I feel the power of it and it moves me to a place of Worship.

  6. John

    Graham with all the helpful advice I’ve gained through watching your videos and reading your blog posts the least I can do is support you by buying a copy of your EP. Thank you so much for your effort here on your web site. I’m downloading now! God Bless

  7. Chelo

    Awesome! sounds great! I’m finishing my band’s EP (equally home cooked), lot of it thanks to your site and some others who do this kind of work for people like me, keep up your work, I’d really like you to give a listen to at least one tune from this EP, hope we can get to that, I’ll be in touch.

  8. Havard

    Hey, Graham!

    Have you considered something in the lines of what Joe is doing with the Mix With Us project?

    • Graham

      At this point, REthink Mixing is my main mixing “course”. What Joe is doing is a bit different and it’s excellent.

      • Havard

        Yes, I know his approach, I bought it, and love it. So, I´m trying to trick you into offering something in the same line 😉

  9. Pawel

    I bought it, and I love it. Great guitars sound. Graham, how did you recorded it – real amp + telecaster ?
    God with you!

  10. Paul Odiase

    I somehow missed this one altogether!!I discovered this Album only today!!!
    It sounds very warm!! and I like the song arrangements!!!
    The style of writing is faboulous!!!
    Good on you guys!!
    Must download a copy of this and of the new “Lower”EP too from Itunes!!


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