Mixing In Pro Tools Express [Video]

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Last week I recorded a band with one microphone and then mixed the song with the free Avid Pro Tools express software. Today I want to show you the behind the scenes look at how that mix came together. Why? Well, for one a lot of you were asking me to do this, so I obliged. Secondly, I think it shows just how much you can accomplish with even a “limited” piece of software. Mixing concepts, tactics, and approaches are applicable in just about any studio or DAW environment. Enjoy!


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17 Responses to “Mixing In Pro Tools Express [Video]”

  1. Mike Ferris

    Awesome. Love getting the insight into your mixing thought process. And it becomes so obvious that the recorded sound is so important. Great sounding track!

  2. Daniel

    Really inspirational, awesome video as always Gram. Did I hear you say squoze? haha

  3. Gabe

    Lovin’ this series. I would have paid money for this, ’twas that awesome. It’s taught me a heck of a lot, and it was very timely… I had ordered my first mic and audio interface literally the day before you posted this video.

    So, when do we get to download or buy the song? I know you have an older version on iTunes, but I actually prefer this one!

  4. Pete Bontej

    It’s funny Graham, I was just sitting here thinking of putting off a mix until tomorrow because I was feeling burned out, but this video just rejuvenated me. Thank you.

  5. Smurf

    Awesome Graham!

    Taking the time to go thru & create the 1-Mic video for FREE…and then go to the trouble to explain how you mixed the song in another FREE video, just show’s your Heart…..

    Folks, hit his store & pick up a video or two. For those just starting out grab his Jump Start series for $68…296min of great instruction in the same teaching style as on You Tube.

    Just another reason that a lot of us recommend this You Tube channel & The Recording Revolution site to anyone that will listen…

    • Tiago Gameiro

      My thoughts exactly 🙂
      Even the ReThink series are great and easy to understand for people starting out, due to Grahams communication skills.
      Nice post Smurf 🙂

  6. Yaniv

    great video Graham
    and great a song to ride to btw (-:
    quick questions: do you use de-esser on the vocals?
    do you master the song afterword? if so can show us how?

    • Graham

      No de-essing on this track, and no mastering on it either. Just what I showed you.

  7. Tsen

    I like how easy you manoeuvre around the EQ and make it look so simple, when it actually is and how we all over-complicate things. All comes down to proper mic’ing and having in mind the end result of what you’re trying to achieve. Awesome job Graham!

  8. Daniel Booth

    Understand where you’re coming from with the parallel processing. I recorded with one mic on the drums for a recording last year and solved the cymbal pumping issue by duplicating the drum track a few times more. I then band passed the bits I wanted to effect differently (low kick/body of snare/top end/etc…) on each duplicate and so this allowed for greater scope with the sounds of each part of the kit. A bit like multiband compression, I suppose, except I could throw whatever I wanted over each duplicate, making for an even bigger sound. I then did some extra parallel processing over all the parallel duplicates, by sending them to another aux as you have done in the video, and the results were pretty damn good for one mic.

  9. Ben

    Great Video Graham. I get a clear picture of what we can do with only one drum track. Thanks

  10. Dan Updegraff

    Thanks a ton Graham! Learned a ton, and had a smile on my face the whole video. Laughed at how simple cupping your hands for the gang vocals produced a cool effect. I would have been going nuts trying to figure out the EQ settings to get it! (BTW – Do they make a hand cupping plugin yet?) 😛


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