KRK Rokit 5 Studio Monitors Review [Video]

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Looking to make the jump from headphones to real deal studio monitors? You really can’t go wrong with the affordable Rokit series from KRK Systems. These guys make speakers for the pros and there’s a reason. Flat, accurate, and reliable sound in your studio.

Speakers Are All They Do

What I love about KRK is that building studio monitors (and more recently, headphones) is all they do. They do one thing and do it well. Today I review their super accessible Rokit 5 RPG2 model. This 5 inch speaker is a perfect studio monitor for the typical home/project studio user and I give it a big thumbs up.


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27 Responses to “KRK Rokit 5 Studio Monitors Review [Video]”

  1. Simon

    Hi Graham!

    I was just wondering about the right size of the monitors. How about the 8 inches? Any tips to choose the right size?


  2. Darren

    Hi Graham,

    I was just wondering what happened to the Behringer Truth’s you reviewed previously? Do you still use them?

    • Graham

      Hi Darren, I still have the Truth’s (used them on quite a few projects) but in the past 4 months have been using these. Wanted to try out a few affordable pairs of speakers to review. Both are great options in my opinion.

  3. Dave Komel

    Hey Graham, went through a couple of different monitors before I settled on the KRK’s. Used ’em, REALLY used ’em, for a couple of months but never could get used to the bottom end. Like you said, you can only do so much with the smaller surface area. LOVED everything else about them. Bit the bullet and went up to the Rokit 6’s and that made a HUGE difference. Yeah, they were about $100CDN more per pair (not sure how that translates in USD) but well worth it. Everything I liked about the 5’s was still there AND I got most of the bass that I was “missing”. My dealer highly recommended the 5’s with the sub, but I think, IMHO, that stepping up 1 size made enough difference in my mixes, in my room, to stick with them as my main reference. We’re a couple of weeks into the relationship and the difference in my mixes is astounding!! Thanks for all your tips, tricks, ideas and opinions – you’ve helped re-energize my commitment to the art of recording…


  4. Smurf

    I know this sounds crazy, and yes, I HAVE heard these, but I don’t think that I could not stand the bright yellow cones on these or the Behringers staring at me for hours at a time.

    A friend bought the iKey ones with red cones, and the same thing, I think it would get on my nerves after a few…

    Anyhoo, another good review, Thanks!

  5. Andrew

    hello, really good review of the rokit 5.

    which one should i go for? the rokit 5 or the behringer truth b1030a considering they are around the same price range.

    i’m mainly using it to practice my dj-ing. no production of that sort. will be using it for abit of music listenning and gaming as well.

    thanks graham

  6. Jerian

    Thanks again Graham, ever since I subscribe to your youtube channel, I have learnt so much and what I like also is that your a Gospel Producer ….. I love that … nice review … Im thinking about getting a pair of the 5 or 6 … but how would the rate the MACKIE MR5?


  7. Joe

    Hey, man.

    Really great video and you really sold me on these monitors. Thanks a bunch. I’m really liking all of your videos and articles; they’ve been making a huge difference with my mixes.
    One question though: What kind of stands are you using to hold up those monitors?

  8. Kevin de Wit


    Have you noticed anything different between the KRKs and the Behringers. I am trying to decide between the two.


  9. Armando


    I’m thinking about buying studio monitors to use with my guitar rig, do some amateur recording and listen to music from my laptop.
    For these purposes which one do you think is better KRK Rokit 5 or Behringer Truth 1030A


  10. heff

    just wondering, you mentioned SPDIF with RCAf or the input of these monitors, but isn’t SPDIF a digital connection?

  11. Karl Lito Sciberras

    Graham, you stated at least twice that there is no reason why one should choose either the B1030A over the Rokit5 or vice verca… fine, however I find it hard to believe that someone who has heard both and mixed on both cannot highlight the pros and cons of each options at least. We can always say it’s a matter of learning your reference monitor but than that defeats the purpose of individual product reviews. So, I will ask 2 more specific questions that should at least help me in making my decision.

    1. Which of the two options has the flattest and most honest frequency response?
    2. Which one is best built / has better quality ?

    Last but not least, I love your web site, I love your videos and will certainly share them with a couple of friends I have!!!!

    • Graham

      Hi Karl,

      I’m just that big into studio monitors being that big of a deal. They all claim to be flat, but they all sound different. I tell people to just pick one and go. That’s all that matters!

      BUT, build quality is important to be sure. KRK has the better reputation and all they make are speakers/headphones. Behringer, still stands behind their products with an amazing 3 year warranty standard.

      Personally, I have been using the KRKs the last year and a half straight and with great results!

      • Karl Lito Sciberras

        Hi Graham,

        Thanks for your reply. 100% agreed about the fact that they all claim to be flat and yet sound different. Even if they where all flat, they would still sound different due to the different quality / tonal characteristics of the produced sound (which is the other attribute of the sound wave that we´re interested in). Hence I fully agree with you about the fact that they will always sound different!

        Like you said, build quality is certainly another priority and I fully understand why you prefer KRK. It´s exactly the same reason why I´m looking into Tannoy Reveal 501A, the guys have been around for over 80 years and have maintained a solid reputation since than! I read to much good things about them and have to try them out as they are also a low budget solution!

        With regards to the Behringer B1030A, I took my chances with them and got pretty disappointed. I documented one of the faults here in case you´re interested:

  12. Alonso

    Hello Graham,
    One thing that you emphasised when you reviewed the Behringer Truth, was that they were so flat that they didn’t tire out your ears. Whereas other monitors had.
    Would you say the same thing about the KRK’s?

  13. Scott Murray

    Graham, older guy here, 57 in fact and I’m just realizing my dream to record music I wrote back in my college days! Bought some equipment including the KRK Rocket 5s and this video explained a lot! Can you recommend a fairly priced speaker stand? I need it to be sturdy since I have a cat!
    Also, could you recommend a good set of closed Headphones for a guy like me. I use a Focusrite 2i4 interface with Garageband on my MAC. I write mostly pop songs, I.e., Beatles, Who, CSNY type songs!

    • Graham

      I got my speakers stands at MusiciansFriend. Can’t remember the brand, but they are heavy duty. For headphones check out the KRK 8400s

  14. richard v hale jr

    i am considering using home theator in 4way stereo as the second referance after near field stereo. five orten watts for the small speakers verses hundereds for the mains, and maybe load shedding and ignoring anything below 40hz as virtual noise if the bass is solid


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