Kel Audio HM-7U and HM-3C Microphone Review [Video]

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Want to add top notch mics to your studio for a modest price? You can’t do much better than any of the microphones from Canadian company, Kel Audio. I’m already a fan of Kel Audio microphones and have reviewed a couple of them here. I recently got my hands on the sleek HM-3C and flagship vocal mic, HM-7U.

Kel has stripped away features to give you the absolute best mic for the money, with all 5 mics in the line priced under $400. Below is my video review of both mics including raw sound samples for your listening pleasure. For specs and current prices check out Kel’s website.


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13 Responses to “Kel Audio HM-7U and HM-3C Microphone Review [Video]”

  1. Baba Prasad

    Hi Graham,

    Very excellent demo video by you using those KEL’s Mic! Too impressed with the sound, its really very natural and warm, saves a hell a lot money instead of buying those costly ones in the market! Well, Iam in india, there is no dealers here! but have few friends in US, so I will try to get it! Great Song and demo by you. Thanks.

    -Baba Prasad.

    • Graham

      Thanks. They are very natural and warm mics. The song is a Black Keys tune, but glad you liked it!

  2. Neel


    I’ve seen this question in many forums but no one seems to know the true answer. I saw that you put the mic(s) upside down. Is there a particular reason why they are like that? Does it matter?


    • Graham

      The reason is simply for easier placement with my mic stand. Has nothing to do with sound as the capsule has no clue if it’s “right side up” or “upside down”.

  3. Chelo

    Hey Graham, I know this is not relevant to the mics, although they sound great to my taste, but I was wondering, what’s in the rack? I see a power conditioner, a Focusrite liquid Saffire, but whats between those? looks like the compressor from Slate, is that it?

    • Graham

      It’s an ART Pro Channel. Really cool (and affordable) channel strip (mic pre, comperssor, and EQ)

      • Chelo

        Thanks, yeah I’ve read about it before although I’ve never tried it, I’ve used the ART PRO VLAII which is hands down the best low budget hardware comp I’ve ever used, I’m amazed with the mics, I’ve been doing some research and they definitely convince me, I think I wanna grab one, have you used the HM-7u as OH or drum room mic? I’m curious if it’s worth buying a pair, I’m not in a rush to buy anything, but I’ve been saving for a new mic or mics, only if I found something great, since I share your thoughts on getting through with what you have on your hands, let me know your thoughts on this one as a drum OH or room.

  4. Zacca

    Hey Grahan, nice voice!
    I have 2 questions:
    1- How is the proximity effect on the hm-7u ? I really like singing close to the mic, deeper. I feel you’ve sung just a bit far to my taste though in a very good way.
    2- What mic preamp did you use ?

    Greetings from Brazil, nice job man !

    • Graham

      Proximity effect is going to happen on all cardioid mics (which the HM7U is). Just used the built in preamp in my Saffire interface.

  5. Ofir

    Hi Graham.
    first of all nice review and vocal performance.
    I just ordered the HM-7U and the Scarlatt 2i2 interface from Focusrite.
    I hope it worth the money and it will give me the best results of recording vocals and guitars.
    Please leave a comment about your opinion and tell me if it’s a good equipment to start with.

    • Graham

      The 7u is a fantastic mic and Focusrite makes great interfaces. You can’t go wrong.


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