Getting Clarity And Width On Guitars [Video]

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Do you find yourself layering guitar parts in your sessions only have them wash together, sounding vague and mushy? Today I want to show you a simple way to bring some clarity and width back into your guitars. With nothing more than a little EQ we can subtly get that separation and focus you want when you have a dense mix of guitars.


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7 Responses to “Getting Clarity And Width On Guitars [Video]”

  1. James

    Heya! Awesome vid definitely gonna try this out – do you think this is also a good idea to do for double tracked guitars playing the same thing – like chords etc.? Keep posting your vids blow my mind!

  2. Kelton Gomes

    Great video, Graham. Same principle of your kick and bass video, and that is the beauty of subtractive eq – you can you it in so many contexts!

  3. Distaudio

    Could this same technique perhaps be employed for two different instruments panned left and right playing off each other in order to create more separation, clarity and width in the mix?

  4. Joe

    Great vid Graham, totally agree with Kelton, its same principle as with kick and bass. A quick question, I’m currently mixing a album where I’ve had both guitarists layer multiple tracks (4 tracks) of the same guitar part. Should I still use this principle to mixing them?


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