Want Big Guitar Tone? Record As Few Guitar Parts As Possible

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Why is it that so many of us are addicted to recording a torrent of guitar tracks per song? It’s almost like a badge of honor, having as many guitar tracks as possible. And we justify it by saying we’re “layering” tracks to get a huge wall of sound. I mean, isn’t that what the… Read more »

The Power Of Recording Drums With One Microphone

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Just because many people use a lot of microphones to record a drum kit doesn’t mean it’s the only (or best) way to do it. In fact, a strong case can be made that the fewer mics you involve the likelihood of your recording sounding better is higher. I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s… Read more »

The Worst Thing I Learned In Audio School [Video]

| Rant, Tips

Going to audio school was, on the whole, a blessing. But not everything I was taught was helpful. In fact, there was one consistent message being preached to us students that shaped the way I recorded music early on – and it made things harder on me and actually made music creation less fun in… Read more »

Get Wider Mixes In Two Steps [Video]

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What is it about many top mixes of our favorite songs that just sound so huge and wide? Like they stretch further than our speakers. Today I want to show you two steps I use regularly to get wider mixes without having to resort to stereo widening plugins or anything else that could mess with… Read more »