It’s A Whole New Revolution

| The #1 Rule of Home Recording, Tips

It’s official. The Recording Revolution has a new logo! I want to give a major shout out to David Keltonic Design for helping me give the branding a makeover. I also want to take today as an opportunity to re-cast the vision of The Recording Revolution to all of you new (and old) readers. Times… Read more »

Keeping Mixing Simple

| Mixing, The #1 Rule of Home Recording, Tips

Mixing is a lot of fun. It is that magical stage in the recording process where all your great tracks come together and create a unified and cohesive song. It is also the most dangerous area of music making today. Because today’s computers and DAWs offer seemingly unlimited tracks and plugin effects (mixed with powerful… Read more »

The Danger Of Unlimited Takes

| The #1 Rule of Home Recording, Tips

When it comes to actually recording in your home studio, there are seemingly limitless options of how to go about laying your tracks down. Whether it’s different techniques or mic placement options, you have a lot to sift through. I’m totally fine with that. The art of recording is just that, an art. It isn’t… Read more »