Reader Spotlight: Tim James Does DIY Hip Hop Right

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It’s insane the kind of music people are making in their home studios these days. With nothing more than a $99 microphone, a $99 USB interface, and some $99 headphones – TRR reader Tim James recorded, mixed, and mastered an insanely good hip hop record called HeartHeaded. More proof that talent reigns supreme, not gear. Take… Read more »

Reader Spotlight: Hip Hop Duo Scott & Brendo

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I continue to be amazed by what my readers are churning out in their humble home studios. Today’s reader spotlight is a shining example of the Recording Revolution mentality and raw potential that exists within our grasp as musicians. Hip Hop duo Scott & Brendo have some fast, pumping songs all created with a USB… Read more »

Reader Spotlight: Tony Cobian

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Here’s another example of a band taking a simple home studio and producing a polished, radio ready mix. Today’s ‘Reader Spotlight’ features Mintaka Studio owner Tony Cobian and The Feel, a young band from Mexico. Their recent single, “Make It With You” was recorded all with one mic and a USB audio interface. And now… Read more »

Reader Spotlight: I Cugini d’Ungheria (Cousins Of Hungary)

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What can you get with a single microphone, preamp, portable interface, and a laptop? A great recording, that’s what. Today’s Reader Spotlight is the very talented and funny band, I Cuigini d’Ungheria from Italy. Guitarist and engineer, Simone, created a killer sound with his simple laptop based studio. Plus they shot an incredibly funny video! The Studio… Read more »