Do Studio Monitors Even Matter?

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The other day I received an email from TRR reader, Sam. He asked if mixing on studio monitors was pointless, seeing as how most people aren’t ever going to listen to your mixes on nice studio monitors, but rather consumer headphones, laptop speakers, care stereos, and mobile phones. Shouldn’t we just mix for the worst… Read more »

Should You Mix While You Record?

| Mixing, Plugins, Reader Question, Tips

These days, everything in the studio seems to blend together. From recording, to mixing, to arranging, to songwriting. Some people are even trying to master while they mix. It can get confusing and convoluted. So the question for today will be: is it OK to mix while you record? And if so what does that… Read more »

How To Get A Great Guitar Recording [Reader Question]

| Reader Question, Tips

Have you ever struggled to get a good guitar recording? I know I have. I love guitar and have put together an in-depth tutorial series on recording and mixing acoustic and electric guitars. But there’s something else to consider before we start talking technique and tips.   Via Scott Ritchie Flickr I recently received an email from… Read more »

If It Seems To Work, Do It!

| Mixing, Plugins, Reader Question, Tips

These days I get a lot of questions from readers that go something like this: “Hey Graham, I’ve been using XYZ on my vocals and it seems to sound good but I’ve heard you’re not suppose to use XYZ on vocals, so what should I do?”  My answer to them is always the same: If… Read more »