Why You Want To Be The Small Fish In A Big Pond

| Rant, Tips

If you’re the most talented audio engineer or musician that you know, you’ve got a big problem. That is, unless you’re OK with staying stagnant in your craft and never getting much better. If you currently are the biggest fish in a small pond (i.e. the best engineer in your circle of friends) then it’s… Read more »

The Day When Music Making Lost Its fun

| Rant, Tips

Have you had that experience when you are in the middle of a recording or mixing session and you suddenly realize that you aren’t having any fun? I sure have. You think it’s just a minor funk that you’re in, but a few sessions later you still feel the same. You start to wonder: “Has… Read more »

The Freedom To Not Upgrade

| Plugins, Rant, Tips

I hate feeling like I’m not in control. This is definitely true when it comes to gear upgrades. We’ve all been there: we excitedly bought a new piece of software, maybe your DAW, and a few months later a newer version is released. It has more power, better features, and a slick new design. Dang…. Read more »