Making Music On A Sailboat (Or The End Of Excuses)

| Audio Example, Rant

If you’re like me then at times you’ll look for any excuse possible as to why you aren’t making the kind of music you so desire. You might blame your lack of (expensive) gear, your lack of experience, or perhaps it’s even your lack of a professional recording space to work in. You wouldn’t be… Read more »

Why You Want To Be The Small Fish In A Big Pond

| Rant, Tips

If you’re the most talented audio engineer or musician that you know, you’ve got a big problem. That is, unless you’re OK with staying stagnant in your craft and never getting much better. If you currently are the biggest fish in a small pond (i.e. the best engineer in your circle of friends) then it’s… Read more »

The Day When Music Making Lost Its fun

| Rant, Tips

Have you had that experience when you are in the middle of a recording or mixing session and you suddenly realize that you aren’t having any fun? I sure have. You think it’s just a minor funk that you’re in, but a few sessions later you still feel the same. You start to wonder: “Has… Read more »