The Secret To Maximum Creativity (In The Studio And Beyond)

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Have you ever felt stuck as a songwriter, producer, or engineer? First you have to know that this is normal. Second, you need to know the secret to waking up your brain to maximum creativity. Today I want to share with you two strategies to keeping you at your best with your music making.

3 Key Mixing Questions To Ask Every Time

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Starting a mix is easy; finishing a mix (and making it sound good) is not. Why? Because we tend to over complicate things and get off track with fancy mix moves and techniques. Here are 3 simple (but powerful) questions I ask myself every time I mix in order to stay focused, do better work,… Read more »

3 Home Recording Mistakes People Make (And How To Avoid Them)

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The problem with learning how to record is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Having spent half of my life recording in both home and pro studios I’ve made about every mistake in the book. And having run The Recording Revolution for 6 years I’ve seen thousands of others do the same. Today… Read more »