The Parallel Mix Trick

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There’s a way to get more energy, fatness, and power in your mixes without killing your dynamics or transients. It involves compression, but not in the way I’ve traditionally used it. When I saw Andrew Scheps doing this at the NAMM show I instantly knew he was on to something. He calls it the “Rear… Read more »

Recording Vocals That Sit Just Right In The Mix (One Song One Month Challenge 4/8)

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Have you ever wondered how to record that perfect, upfront, radio-ready vocal sound without any outboard compression or EQ? Today, in Part 4 of the One Song One Month Challenge I’m going to show you how to take any simple one microphone + audio interface home studio setup, and leverage the power of your included plugins… Read more »

How To EQ Vocals In 3 Steps

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In over 15 years of mixing vocals I find myself making three distinct EQ moves on just about every single lead vocal track I get my hands on. These three steps give my vocals more clarity, headroom, and a more up front sound. And the best part? You can use these moves as a starting… Read more »

The Snare Hype Mixing Trick

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When subtle EQ and compression moves just aren’t cutting it for your snare drum, don’t panic; simply reach for the snare hype trick. Our extreme boost happy sides get to come out and play with this simple to use technique. Plus it gives you total control and flexibility for a fatter, harder hitting snare drum in the… Read more »