Make Money By Giving Your Music Away

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I’ve been fascinated in recent years at the ongoing debate about whether or not musicians can still charge for their recordings. There is a lot of data on both sides of the fence and many artists from the bedroom rocker all the way up to major label bands taken a stance. For my most recent… Read more »

Lessons Learned From Recording My Latest EP

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Every time I complete a recording or mixing project I try and take a moment to sum up what I learned from the process. This week I released my latest solo EP, The Tree and I’ve enjoyed sharing it with many of you, hearing feedback, and celebrating the completion of a 3 month journey. But… Read more »

The Radio Mix Test [Video]

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You’re song isn’t ready to be released until it passes the radio mix test. No matter how good it sounds sonically, no matter how much you’ve referenced it to other mixes, no matter how many revisions and tweaks you’ve made, unless it you’ve walked through this process systematically, your mix hasn’t met it’s full potential.