Mix It To Sound Mastered

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There seems to be a growing debate about how far a mixing engineer should take a track before handing it off to be mastered. Many of you have voiced concern about how much processing (specifically on the mix buss) is OK and how much should you leave for the mastering phase. I think much of… Read more »

Tune Your Speakers With Reference Tracks

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One of the most helpful things you can do in your home studio is get your speakers setup to their full potential. The first question you have to ask is are your speakers where they belong. There are some simple things you can do to instantly reduce unbalanced reflections and unnecessary bass build up. But… Read more »

Do Studio Monitors Even Matter?

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The other day I received an email from TRR reader, Sam. He asked if mixing on studio monitors was pointless, seeing as how most people aren’t ever going to listen to your mixes on nice studio monitors, but rather consumer headphones, laptop speakers, care stereos, and mobile phones. Shouldn’t we just mix for the worst… Read more »

Mastering With Stock Plugins: EQ [Video]

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Confused about the mastering process? Wonder what plugins you really need to start mastering your mixes to perfection? Have no fear. Today I’m introducing one of three simple videos on how to master your tracks in any DAW with stock plugins. We’ll cover the big three in mastering: EQ, compression, and limiting. Today I want… Read more »