How One 19 Year Old Used Garageband, Stock Plugins, And Some $100 Speakers To Gain Thousands Of Fans And Potential Management Deals

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Meet, Aaron Hibell, a 19 year old electronic musician who less than a year ago had never made a single recording. Now with just some free software a pair of $100 HiFi speakers, he’s created a track that is approaching 100,000 plays on Soundcloud, with over 3,000 likes, and has received inquires from not one, but… Read more »

You Don’t Need An Engineer To Engineer

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We all want the same thing – great recordings of our music. Where we might differ is what we think it takes to get there. I’ve shared before how I feel recording and mixing is more art than science, more music than math, more creativity than calculations. And that’s good news for most of us…. Read more »

Selling 250,000 Albums Made In His Home Studio

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The future for many artists is self released, self produced, self promoted, self made albums. But going indie doesn’t mean creating a mediocre home recording and selling only a few hundred copies. Take the band Porcupine Tree for example. These guys record and mix all of their albums in the lead singer’s parents basement and… Read more »

Even Frank Sinatra Recorded In Awkward Places

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I think many home studio owners get caught up in the fact that they have to record and mix in a non ideal space. They believe that it is a huge limitation, whether they admit it or not. I can understand the thinking. When compared to a million dollar commercial facility your spare bedroom isn’t… Read more »