You Don’t Need An Engineer To Engineer

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We all want the same thing – great recordings of our music. Where we might differ is what we think it takes to get there. I’ve shared before how I feel recording and mixing is more art than science, more music than math, more creativity than calculations. And that’s good news for most of us…. Read more »

Selling 250,000 Albums Made In His Home Studio

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The future for many artists is self released, self produced, self promoted, self made albums. But going indie doesn’t mean creating a mediocre home recording and selling only a few hundred copies. Take the band Porcupine Tree for example. These guys record and mix all of their albums in the lead singer’s parents basement and… Read more »

Even Frank Sinatra Recorded In Awkward Places

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I think many home studio owners get caught up in the fact that they have to record and mix in a non ideal space. They believe that it is a huge limitation, whether they admit it or not. I can understand the thinking. When compared to a million dollar commercial facility your spare bedroom isn’t… Read more »

Grow Up And Stop Using Cracked Plugins

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If you will permit me, I’d like to get on a soapbox for a moment and say something very important. To all of you home and project studio owners out there using cracked plugins (aka stolen plugins), grow up and stop destroying your own industry! This post might sound harsh, but it’s time to put… Read more »