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Since Christmas is only a week away, I wanted to share a little something with you guys that is holiday appropriate. A few years ago I wrote an original Christmas song and recorded an a cappella version of it. This year my wife requested I bring it back and record it with a whole band…. Read more »

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So you’ve finally jumped into home recording. You have a simple setup like I’ve described before and you’re laying down great tracks. Let’s say you’re a guitar player who mostly records your acoustic and vocals. You’re probably getting the hang of capturing a great acoustic guitar and vocal track. But what if you want more… Read more »

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One of the most common instruments singer/songwriters need to record on any given day is the acoustic guitar. It also happens to be a complex instrument to capture, given the wide variety of frequencies and tones that make up that signature sound we all appreciate in a good acoustic guitar. But there is no need… Read more »

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If you have a home studio, chances are you don’t have a perfectly treated recording environment complete with floating floors and ceilings, acoustic paneling and bass traps in the right places, and a separate live room, vocal booth, and control room. Proper sound isolation and treatment is important, but don’t let the lack of those… Read more »

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Like many areas of life, proper preparation will go a long way to insuring success. This is definitely the case with recording music. Just having a good song and decent gear in place doesn’t mean you should jump right in with guns blazin’. What you really need as you sculpt your masterpiece is a map…. Read more »

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Last week was Thanksgiving and I was somewhat out of commission work wise. What I did get to work on however was some songwriting with my band at Aletheia Church. We’re gearing up for a new EP due out early next year and we wanted to work out some new material together. To make our… Read more »

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In Part 1 of this post I exposed 2 of the most prevalent myths relating to home recording floating around out there. You don’t need thousands of dollars of gear including boutique preamps to make pro recordings…it’s just not true (remember Ari Hest). Today though I want to touch on 2 myths that swing the… Read more »

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Today I want to expose a few home recording myths floating around out there. The problem with myths is that they can seem logical or “common knowledge” when really they are a distraction from actually recording, making music, and getting experience in the studio. Maybe you’ve heard some of these myths before or maybe you’re… Read more »

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…we live in an era where recording gear is so affordable and so widely available that we should all just get out there and make more music. Turns out we also live in an era where bands are now recording their songs on cell phones. It’s crazy… Read more »