Get Better Recordings, Save Money, And Build Confidence

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Today I have a simple suggestion for you. One that will help you get the results you want in the studio, put more money in your pocket, and remove some of that insecurity you might be feeling towards recording and mixing. It’s so easy (and liberating) that I’m surprised more people don’t do it. My… Read more »

The Studio Detox: Pick Only Two Microphones

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Admit it, you have an obsession with microphones. We all do. The most important tool for the recording engineer, microphones hold much mysterious power over us. So much so that we think if we could only get a newer, “better” mic we’d be able to get pro recordings. Just like the magazine promised us! The… Read more »

The Gift Of Your Music (And Why You Must Share It)

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If you are a music creator, you have a gift that needs sharing. In reality your gift of music is a two directional gift. On the one hand, I believe the sheer fact that you have any musical talent, aptitude, or creative ideas is a pure gift from God. It did not originate with you…. Read more »

One Overlooked Question Every Home Studio Should Ask [Video]

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Want to make more (and better) music in your home studio next year? Then it’s time to become intentional. Take a few minutes to watch this video and then ask yourself the most overlooked question in the average home studio. It will help you move from reactionary music making, to planned and intentional music making.

3 Simple Strategies For Mixing On Headphones

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Do you find yourself having to mix exclusively on headphones? Are your mixes coming out all wacky? I think I can help. In an ideal world, you would mix primarily on a simple set of studio monitors and then simply check that mix on headphones. But sometimes headphones is all you have to work with…. Read more »