The Power Of Matching The Perfect Vocal Mic With Your Singer

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Doing what I do, I hear this question a lot: “What is the best vocal mic for the home studio?” Unfortunately it’s a really bad question. Here’s a better one: “What is best vocal mic for my voice/singer?” This is at least a step in the right direction, although I can’t answer it for you. Here’s… Read more »

The Case For More (And Different) Microphones And Preamps

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Have you ever noticed how all the big studios you’ve ever been in (or seen in interviews) have racks of outboard preamps and massive mic lockers? If Neve preamps are so amazing why do many engineers also own and use APIs? If Neumann mics are so great then why do they also own AKGs? Believe… Read more »

The Truth About Upgrading Your Home Studio

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Am I misleading you by suggesting you can make great sounding records on affordable gear? Should you NEVER upgrade your home studio?! The answer to both questions is “No”. Here’s the best way (and time) to upgrade your home studio – and why I don’t talk about it a whole lot on the site.

My Favorite Affordable Home Studio Microphones

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Looking for some great sounding and affordable microphones for your home studio? Here are some of my all time favorites. You can build a great sounding and versatile mic locker without breaking the bank Earlier this week I wrote about the different types of microphones and suggested you try and own at least one of… Read more »

The Key To Mixing In The Box [Video]

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Do you struggle to get good mixes in the box? There are many reasons why this could be, especially if you’re coming from the analog world (or have grown up learning from engineers who mixed on a console). But there is one key issue when it comes to mixing (and summing) in the digital domain… Read more »