Electric Guitar Mixing Enhancement Trick

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Guitar Enhancement

Mixing guitars to sound right involves more than just making sure you can “hear” them, you need to “feel” them as well. After you get the EQ and compression settings on your electric guitars, there’s one more move you can make that might help. Today’s mixing trick is a classic tool you can use to… Read more »

EQ Or Compression First When Mixing?

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EQ before compression

One of the most common mixing questions I get is whether to use EQ or compression first. Is it better to process your tracks with EQ followed by compression? Or the other way around? While there are differing opinions on this, in today’s video I explain (and show you) my preference and more importantly WHY… Read more »

My Home Studio Tour For 2017

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Want to take a peek into my home studio? Here’s your chance to scope out what gear I’m using (and why) day in and day out. My first home studio tour was a big hit, but a few things have changed since two years ago so I wanted to update you with a fresh new… Read more »

The Biggest Home Studio Lie We Tell Ourselves

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Six years ago I found myself telling this lie to not only myself but to the band I was recording at the time. It didn’t serve me or them well and it certainly won’t serve YOU well if your goal is get amazing sounding recordings and mixes. Watch this video and see if you’ve made… Read more »

Two Words That Will Transform Your Home Studio Results

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recording in the home studio

We as home studio owners all want one thing: great sounding songs. Tracks that are what I call “radio-ready”. But we tend to go looking for that sound in all the wrong places. Like new gear, “secret” techniques, and copying what everyone else is doing. The truth is, if you want to see your next… Read more »