2 EQ Hacks You’d Be Foolish To Ignore

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One thing I hated learning about in audio school was the “recommended EQ” charts. You know the ones that told you the best frequencies to boost for a trumpet or kick drum? For one, the charts were busy, complex, and had simply too much information for me to memorize for all future mixing sessions, even… Read more »

The Psychological Hack Of Mix Buss Processing

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Did you know there’s a  simple hack that both instantly improves your mix within minutes and ensures you do your best mixing work each and every time? It’s called mix buss processing (or more crudely put: slapping plugins on your master fader) and it’s more than mere technical processing – it has psychological implications that help me every… Read more »

How One 19 Year Old Used Garageband, Stock Plugins, And Some $100 Speakers To Gain Thousands Of Fans And Potential Management Deals

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Meet, Aaron Hibell, a 19 year old electronic musician who less than a year ago had never made a single recording. Now with just some free software a pair of $100 HiFi speakers, he’s created a track that is approaching 100,000 plays on Soundcloud, with over 3,000 likes, and has received inquires from not one, but… Read more »

How To Unlock The Great Mix Hiding Inside Your Tracks

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There’s more potential for your raw recorded tracks than you think. In fact, it’s highly likely that you have a killer final mix hiding inside what you think is an average recording. And the best part about? It won’t cost you a penny to unlock it. A Stellar Mix Hidden For 28 Years Let me… Read more »