The Case For Mixing On Headphones In The Home Studio

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Can you actually get a great mix on headphones? Absolutely – in fact it might be one of the smartest things you do in your home studio. I have already addressed why I believe headphones are the most powerful recording tool you have, and it seems this could be said for the mix phase as well. Today… Read more »

The Most Powerful Recording Tool (That You Already Own)

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What if I told you there was a recording tool so powerful that it could help you get the best sounding tracks, no matter where you record or what gear you record with? Not only that, it doubles as a powerful mixing tool as well. And the best part – you probably already own it…. Read more »

How To Make A Living In Music Through The Power Of Generosity (Ivan Corraliza “ill Factor” Interview)

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What is the missing piece to your journey from making music for fun to making a full time living as an artist/producer?  Recently I sat down to chat with the talented and in demand producer, Ivan Corraliza (aka ill Factor) about his rise from a kid with a drum machine to Grammy nominations and working… Read more »

The 5 Phases Of Every Good Mix

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Have you ever opened up a mix session and just not known where to start or how to begin? Or perhaps starting isn’t the problem, it’s knowing when the mix is finished that eludes you. What helps me is to think of mixing in phases or parts – and in my experience there are only… Read more »

The Parallel Mix Trick

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There’s a way to get more energy, fatness, and power in your mixes without killing your dynamics or transients. It involves compression, but not in the way I’ve traditionally used it. When I saw Andrew Scheps doing this at the NAMM show I instantly knew he was on to something. He calls it the “Rear… Read more »