This Missing Ingredient In Your Audio Training

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As much as I want my site to help you get the training and teaching you need to reach your recording and mixing goals, I fear there is a danger to what I do. Unless you and I are careful (and I do try to make this point often) we can take all the audio… Read more »

The Prioritizing Track Principle In Mixing [Video]

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There is a simple mixing principle that has helped me get clarity and focus in my mixes more than almost anything else I can think of. It’s laughably easy to implement, but it works like a charm. I learned this years ago from the great Kevin Ward and have never looked back. And if you have 3 minutes… Read more »

How To Uncover Your Track’s Potential In Mixing [Video]

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Today I have good news for you: your tracks probably sound better than you think. Most of the time though when home studio mixers pull up a session and hear something they don’t like, their first instinct is to fix it. How? By adding stuff, enhancing, processing, you name it. The secret, however, is quite the opposite. If you… Read more »