The Low End Mix Trick

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Here’s an incredibly easy way to get the low end of your bass and kick drum in the mix balanced just right – so that it sounds good any where your mix is played back. I originally learned this trick from Jacquire King, who then brought it up again during our interview a few weeks ago…. Read more »

The One Mixing “Tool” Many Of Us Aren’t Taking Advantage Of

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When you think about mixing, where does your mind immediately jump to? EQ? Compression? Or what about delay and reverb? Or perhaps automation, sample rates, conversion, summing, speakers, or acoustic treatment? Mixing is about all of those things, yes. But ironically there is an even simpler “tool” at your disposal on every mix that in… Read more »

It’s My Birthday This Week (Can I Give You Some Free Gear?)

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This week is my birthday – and instead of asking for a gift I thought it would be way more fun to GIVE some stuff away! So today I’m announcing Graham’s Birthday Bash. I have over $2,700 worth of studio gear to dish out to five of you lucky people! From audio interfaces, to DAWs, to studio monitors, to plugins… Read more »

How I Was Fooled By A Mastering Engineer

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It’s amazing how easily our ears can be tricked into hearing something that’s not really there. Specifically, loudness can dramatically change how we perceive a piece of audio. I re-learned this lesson yesterday when I got fooled by my friend and mastering engineer Ian Shepherd at the Audio Bloggers Live event in L.A. and what a powerful… Read more »