Slate Digital Revival Virtual Mix Rack Plugin Review [Video]

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I’m a huge fan of great sounding, easy to use, low cost home studio gear. Especially when it’s FREE! Steven Slate of Slate Digital just released his much anticipated Virtual Mix Rack plugin this week, but the surprise news to me was his very own sonic enhancer plugin called Revival. This thing can enhance the bottom… Read more »

Why Recording Fewer Tracks Is Likely The Right Move

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Want big, clear, musical sounding mixes in your home studio? Start by cutting back on the number of tracks you record for each song. That’s right – bigger track counts (what you hoped would give you that big, professional sound) are ironically the very thing holding you back from sonic greatness. In fact, one of the… Read more »

How To Mix With The 2 Column Approach [Video]

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Have you ever sat down to mix and felt like you spent more time wandering around then actually mixing? What should you do first? What about second? Is there a “well worn path” to getting a great mix? There are a lot of different methods to mixing but if you are just starting out (or… Read more »

Help, My Mixes Don’t Sound Bright Enough

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Do you find your final mixes don’t sound nearly as bright or present as your favorite pro mixes? You’re not alone. During a recent segment of my Creative Live masterclass on EQ and compression I was teaching the students about using good reference tracks while mixing to make tonal tweaks to your mix – in… Read more »

The Frustrating Reality Of Limitations (In Life And The Studio)

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Can I be real with you for a few minutes? I mean, I try to be real each and every week here at The Recording Revolution; giving you tips, tricks, and mindsets that apply to real people in real home studios, and avoiding all the hype, myths, and silliness that pervades the audio world these days. But today, if… Read more »