Reader Spotlight: Tim James Does DIY Hip Hop Right

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It’s insane the kind of music people are making in their home studios these days. With nothing more than a $99 microphone, a $99 USB interface, and some $99 headphones – TRR reader Tim James recorded, mixed, and mastered an insanely good hip hop record called HeartHeaded. More proof that talent reigns supreme, not gear. Take… Read more »

Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection 2.0 Plugin Review [Video]

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Can you really get analog sounding mixes in-the-box with plugins? That’s what my buddy Steven Slate has been out to prove over the past few years with his line of analog modeling plugins. Today I’m sharing with you the brand new Virtual Console Collection 2.0 plugin, which in my opinion adds a subtle and sweet… Read more »

The Weak Link In Your Audio Chain Is…You

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Did you know that my first few recordings were absolutely horrific? More specifically my first few YEARS of recordings were mind numbingly bad. Down right awful stuff people. The kind of stuff you would listen to in order to instantly feel better about your recordings. But then I bought a really nice mic preamp and… Read more »

The Subtle (But Liberating) Truth About Great Mixing

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If you’re looking for the next great trick, technique, or piece of gear to take your mixes to the next level you might be disappointed with the most profound mixing truth of all. This truth is shared (and proclaimed) by every great mixer I know and yet so often we dismiss it as not important…. Read more »