5 Minutes To A Better Mix: Vocal Delay Trick – Part 17 of 31

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The lead vocal is typically the most important part in a mix in modern music. You want it sit just right against the other tracks while remaining balanced and featured at the same time. Today’s delay trick can really help your vocals do just that. It’s a good one and I use it on practically every mix I do!

It’s Time For A Little LPF

You may recall a few days ago we covered the concept of using a high pass filter (HPF) in your mixes to clean up the mud and save you headroom. Well, today’s trick involves using the opposite, a low pass filter (LPF) on a delay plugin to create the perfect effect for giving your vocal ambience without washing it down in reverb. Enjoy!


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18 Responses to “5 Minutes To A Better Mix: Vocal Delay Trick – Part 17 of 31”

  1. Donny Osier

    This is by far the best series of free tutorials I have seen. The sometimes subtle techniques that add up to be a big deal. This one is so simple, and fixes a problem I didn’t know I had! I can hear the difference now!!!

  2. Luis

    Graham, this is really cool and very useful. Keep up the awesome work you are doing with this videos. I have no doubt it will pay off.

    Again, the effort you’re putting into this just to help others, is incredibly outstanding!

    God bless everyone!

    P.S. – I saw some guy ( I won’t mention his name here) over in the UK posted your LCR panning technique video in his website just to express his view and why he thinks it ‘sucks’ (as he states in the title). After taking a close look at his site, I just felt sorry for him. The poor fellow mentions ‘hell’ consistently in just a few articles just to get his points across! We need to pray fro people like that!

  3. charles

    I’ve watched al of them so far – wonderful stuff – and some of the older posts now too. The interviews w/ the drum person & the Nashville-based mixing person (both names sadly escape me) were great.
    Keep up the good work,

  4. Gale

    AMAZING stuff Graham, I look forward to the videos every day… I would love to see how you actually recorded some of the tracks in the future.

  5. Jimmy

    Awesome man! I didn’t even know there was a LPF on the delay! I will be using this! Thanks for doing this series!


  6. Dave King

    Excellent tip. I think this illustrates why delays are used frequently if not more so than reverbs to create space in a mix without muddying things up too much.

  7. Brian

    Dude, this stuff is gold. Best tutorials I’ve ever found online. It’s like all the question I wanted to ask the engineer but didn’t due to time constraints.

  8. Godwin

    These tutorials are of immense value well presented and easy to follow.
    I now feel that there is no need to follow a sound recording course.
    Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and being practical to your faith.
    Techniques which I needed to learn for a long time were answered.


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