5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: The Mixing Console Mindset

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Part 7 of 31 – Want to mix faster and learn your plugins better? Then treat your DAW like an analog console and only use one EQ and compressor for everything in the mix.

Pick One EQ And Compressor

The great thing about mixing consoles is they have only one EQ and one compressor on every channel. It makes mixing fast, intuitive, and fluid.  We have too many choices when mixing in a DAW so keep it simple, pick one eq and one compressor to the lion’s share of your mixing and you’ll work faster and learn more in the process.


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12 Responses to “5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: The Mixing Console Mindset”

  1. Thierry

    Your philosophy about mixing had help me to get better mixing results than to just learn some tricks and apply it to my mix. I’ve come to enjoy mixing more than ever before, and I’ll surely try to do this one.

  2. Donnie Alan

    The good news about DAWs is there are 8 ways to get a result. The bad news about DAWs is there’s 8 ways to get a result! Great advice Graham. I staked out my fav plug-ins long ago. Like many others I have multiple Plug-ins. But I use the same 3or4 95% of the time! It’s a great way to go.

  3. Joesi

    Once again a great tip. That’s what I do all the time. But I still have the problem to decide WHICH console I should use 🙂 Shall I use the FF Midnight suite and preetend I have a Forte, shall I use my SSL like bus comp (great: Cytomic – The Glue) and EQ or shall I use my Neve 8014 Nebula programs? How do I know which console is the right one for a certain job, Graham?
    Please help me! That question is itching me since I got all that stuff!

    • Graham

      Hi Joesi… this is the problem with too many choices. You can’t get to work. Plus my opinion doesn’t matter 🙂 I say pick one and use that exclusively on your next mix. See what you think. Then use a different set of plugs on the following mix. Take note of your thoughts.

  4. Jeremy Anderson

    Over the weekend I sat down to mix and remembered you mentioning this idea from months ago.
    Everything got their normal treatment (Vocals – got their usual Neve EQ;
    Drums – got the API stuff to make them fat and punchy, etc.) but when it came to do a final mix, I ran a SSL strip on almost every channel. The difference was fantastic: It sounded good and it was fast! This method certainly supports the mixing mantra “Make a good decision and move on.”

    I understand that the analogue on/off modeling can add noise to the tracks and can be compounded over many tracks. What is your opinion on this? Do you leave some strips switched to off? All on? All off? Combinations? How are you deciding this?

    • Graham

      Hi Jeremy,

      I usually leave the analog switch on. BUT i’ve been using a lot more “analog” plugins lately and they all add noise. have to cut it on some plugins to keep it reasonable.

  5. Niklas J. Blixt

    Awsome! I’m doing this at the moment. I’ve decided to only use on compressor and one eq on every single project that I’m working on for the next month!

  6. lars

    Great article.
    I came exactly to the same conclusion one year ago and my life is easier and my mixes better.
    Instead of loosing time and energy which plug in to use it is better to use this time for taking mixing decisions. Trying plug ins is not mixing. The better the skills, the less plugins you need.

    I did full m ixes just with one EQ (sonimus SonEQ pro) and one comp (Klanghelm DC8C comp)



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