5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: The Mix EQ Check

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Part 29 of 31At the end of your mix you want to check your EQ balance against a pro track.How is the top end? How is the bottom end? A quick EQ check with a reference can go a long way.

The Painful Reference Process

Yes it’s painful to bring in a reference mix at this point, but you must do it. If you want to deliver a better mix, then bring in a pro track to reference. But here’s what you listen for: the top end clarity and bottom end weight.


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11 Responses to “5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: The Mix EQ Check”

  1. Phil Graham

    I actually have an extension to this idea that takes some of the shock out of listening at the end. Before I start making music I listen to some pro mixes. I find this helps focus my ears before I start the mixing process and makes the shock at the end less extreme because I already know what to expect and I’ve already been working towards this from the outset. A lot of pros seem to use this as a way to orientate themselves with a new listening environment but I find it useful even on my normal one.

  2. wesley

    Question: This could not be done at the first mastering process?
    Is it not danger to compare with something that is already mastered?

    • Graham

      Yes, you should do this in mastering, but why wait? It only helps you get a better mix.

  3. Noah Copeland

    Good tip! When trying this out, one thing I’m noticing is a difference in the mid range between my mix and the pro mix. This video only focuses on the lows and highs. Do you think that the mid range isn’t that big of a deal? Is the mid range the thing that gives each mix its own character? i’d love you to hear your thoughts on this.

  4. Collin Vander Ark

    I’m loving the new Citizens Album. Great choice for a reference.

    Been through everyone of your 5 minutes to a better mix videos. You’ve been a great help to my recording and mixing process.

    God Bless

  5. Tony

    Graham, I think your mix sounds better. The other track sounds overcompressed, distorting and painful to listen to. Your track still has dynamic range and transients. Although I watch your videos and read your
    comments, which I enjoy and appreciate, I started playing music in the 1980’s and I much prefer a recording which is not squashed to hell.

    Agree or not that is my opinion.


  6. Fred


    First off, thanks for all your time and knowledge on my nemesis Mixing. I also use Ozone and was wondering if you have ever used the “matching EQ” feature. And if so, your thoughts.




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