5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: Multiband Compression

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Part 30 of 31Looking for a more consistent, upfront, bass response in your mix? Or perhaps you simply don’t have enough low end at all? A multiband compressor can help.

Compress Just The Low End

With the power of a multiband compressor, you can easily process only the bottom end of your mix, giving you a more even response, tighter bass, and over all fatter sound. It’s a great tool, especially if EQ alone isn’t cutting it.


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9 Responses to “5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: Multiband Compression”

  1. Riri

    Hi Graham, hi everyone.
    Do you put your multiband compressor after the “glue” compressor on the mix buss?
    -3db of GR then -3db again
    It’s a lot of compression, isn’t it?
    We could imagine a 2-bands compressor with 20-100Hz and 100Hz-20kHz bands, which could replace the two distinct compressor.
    What do you think?
    Once again, excuse my english 🙂

    • Graham

      Yes, this is usually at the end of my mix buss, so after the “glue” compressor. If it sounds good I go with it!

  2. Gines

    Hi Graham
    thanks for every little detail in all your videos
    you have made of me a better mixer!! 😉

    • Graham

      Hi Dan, I honestly don’t remember. I just left them at the default setting.

  3. Giuseppe

    This tutorial helped me to have a more shaped bass , everything I did just added muddiness and I was too scared of using a multi band compressor 🙂 Thanks Graham, best teacher ever.


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