5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: Mixing Background Vocals

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Part 26 of 31Background vocals, when mixed well, can really enhance just about any song. The trick is getting them to sit just right in the mix and not take over the lead vocal.

The Lonely Low Pass Filter

It seems we audio people talk about the infamous high pass filter a lot. When his poor little cousin, the low pass filter, gets left out of conversation. In reality, this little EQ curve can do wonders for sitting a bunch of vocals back in the mix a tad and freeing up space.


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16 Responses to “5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: Mixing Background Vocals”

  1. Baba Prasad

    Hi Graham,

    Wow! Great Tip! This works like a magic with just that tiny little adjustment and creates a New Image and clarity in your mix! Great Tip. Not only that, the Songs sound Really Really great to me! Have done the Full mix of the Song? I dont mind buying it!

    • Graham

      Thanks Baba. The EP (with this track on it) releases this Sunday, March 31st. I’ll post about it 🙂

  2. Ryan Boone

    Those BGVs are sick. So glad you’re doing something you’ve been so gifted in. Keep up the good work!

    • Dan Updegraff

      I second that. Awesome job on the vocal arrangement!

      And I’m guilty as charged – always trying to make everything bright (too bright). I just thought that’s how you get clarity. Funny thing, my gut kept telling me this isn’t working. But did I listen? 😛

  3. Nathan Bell

    I absolutely love your work. The best part about it is it’s all Christian music. Do you have any DVD Tutorials? Also Where can I purchase this song from? Amazing! Please continue to allow God to use you.. God Bless…

  4. David

    Yo whattup pimp? I had a question……….. How many vocals should I record for a song ? Should I do 1 main and 2 back supporting the main vocals and have those routed to 1 aux input and do some background vocals and route those on their own aux input? Or do i route main vocals, backs and background vocals to the same aux input?

    • Graham

      Glad the tip worked.

      Also, it takes a lot more “faith” to come to the conclusion that there is no god. The burden of proof on that belief system is a lot harder. Just saying.

  5. José Luiz

    Hey Graham
    Thanks a lot for this great tip. Now… how did you panned this backing vocals or how do you usually pan them? Thanks again!

    • Graham Cochrane

      They were panned all around from left to right. No right or wrong, just wanted a nice blend of all the parts across the stereo spectrum.

      A lot of times I simply pan background vocals hard left and right.



  1.  5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: Mixing Background Vocals (Recording Rev) | therecordinghomepage

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