5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: Fatter Snare With EQ

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Part 14 of 31 – Working with a thin, maybe weak sounding snare drum in the mix? Need to fatten it up a bit? No problem. Just grab your stock EQ and let’s get to work.

Find The Fat Frequency

The key to using an EQ to fatten up a snare is to go searching for the fat frequency. Every snare has one. Usually in the low mids. Once you find it, you can emphasize it over some of the other frequencies in the track, gain match it, and KABAM: fatter snare!


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5 Responses to “5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: Fatter Snare With EQ”

  1. monte Lang

    Good info you make available. However, it’s rather difficult to hear the snare under discussion. The narration is easy to hear, but the snare- not so much. And really, clearly hearing the snare while you make adjustments is just as important as what is being said. I can only hope you haven’t actually played the video. Surely if you are knowledgeable about audio, then you should not have oversights as obvious as this. Why not just turn up the snare about 6 dB?

  2. Alberto

    Master, i have some problems with snare,…. sounds bigger, in front of the mix, (that”s i want), but ican’t make it “part of the mix”, i mean it is on the track not in the track, like 2 different tracks.

    I dont, even its difficult to explain to me



  1.  5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: Fatter Snare With EQ (Recording Rev) | therecordinghomepage

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