5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: Delays Into Reverbs

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Part 24 of 31Looking for a vocal ambience that is wetter than a delay can give you, but less washy than a reverb? Why not try to combine the two effects and create a perfect blend?

The Best Of Both Worlds

This tip (like many tips) isn’t for all situations, but sometimes a mix calls for a specific aesthetic that can only be accomplished with some vocal delay run into a reverb. The combination is really cool and worth trying out.


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14 Responses to “5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: Delays Into Reverbs”

  1. Larry Green

    I like the sound before you went back and turned the delay sound drown. It sounds sort of like Ellie Goulding’s vocal on “Dead in the water”. Nice “old school” trick. Thanks Graham.

  2. Elliot Coward

    My favorite video of the better mix series you’re doing! I love this sound of it all mixed up together

  3. Edgars

    Hey! Thnx for the tips!
    I new this FX for a pretty long while and it’s a kool trick, but I never could get it to work, as I’m using Cubase, and it’s architecture doesn’t allow to route reverbed signal back in the DLY (most probably to avoid feedback loop). Or am I wrong? Any ideas or sugestions?

    • Luke

      Hey Edgar, In cubase, an FX channel and Group channel are basically the same thing minus a bit of routing options like you mentioned.
      Instead of FX tracks, go with a stereo groups and you should have the ability to route the output of the verb to the input of he first group with the delay on it. You won’t notice any difference in sound quality or anything like that. Let us know if that works!

      • Edgars

        Well, tried that, but the result is the same, it doesn’t work. As the hierarchy of FX and GROUP track is developed the way you are able to route from FX/GROUP1 -> FX/GROUP2, but not lets say from FX/GROUP4 -> FX/GROUP3.

        For the first time I noticed this when was trying to create a group for my overheads after a group for the whole drums was made and route OH Group to the DRUM Group 🙂

        Probably a predefined or built in bus architecture (like Pro Tools have) is more flexible in this situation.

        But maybe I just haven’t done enough research 🙂

  4. oToman

    Hi Cubase fans,

    I thing that solve this problem in Cubase is not possible same way as in Pro Tools. You can use Your FX bus and use Delay then Verb ant then Delay again in same insert slot. It is not same as in Graham tip but very similar. But You can still mix it via some wet – dry control on each plugin.

    Or You can render out and back Your track with Delay and Verb on it and send it this track again in FX slot.

    • Edgars

      Thanx for your ideas. Yes, thry came to my mind, for the mixdown I was to lazy, as you should experiment with the amounts of wet signal being sent. But the 1st one is absolutely ok, – just another DLY plugin 🙂

  5. jay jay

    Hey Graham, awesome tutorial. Would you recommend sending several vocal tracks through this process, or have each individual track through this? Also can you automate this?

  6. George

    Hey Graham,
    Is this what you typically do on your vocals? I love how your vocals sound on your tunes.




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