How To Open Up Your Drums In The Mix [Video]

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Getting a great drum sound is paramount to getting a great mix. Today I want to share my simple four step process to getting a tighter, fuller, clearer, and more punchy drum sound in your DAW. Anyone can do these four simple moves, they’re that simple. Let’s jump in!


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9 Responses to “How To Open Up Your Drums In The Mix [Video]”

  1. Chris Janton

    Thanks. Good to have a reference point for basic settings of EQ and compression. Saved me adding
    channel EQ on all of the drum tracks (already bussed) to get the same effect.

  2. Jordan

    I have a plugin that does parallel hi-band EQ, and it opens my drums up so nicely, it’s unbelievable.

    It’s good that I was able to guess all of the 4 tips you have. I must be doing something right :)

  3. Gareth

    Brilliantly simple, worked really well on a fairly muddy drum track . Now the drums sound listenable

    Thanx Graham you are the man!!!.



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